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Car accidents, trucking accidents, assault, trip-and-fall, wrongful death and more.


Dangerous and defective automobiles, airplanes, helicopters, Polaris UTVs, batteries, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and more.


Police misconduct, police brutality, excessive force, false arrest, foster care abuse and more.


Discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation and more.

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Protecting consumers in cases involving robo calls, automobile recalls, banking and more.


Sexual harassment, Title IX and more.

Standing Up For Victims Of Dangerous Products

And Holding Negligent Manufactures Accountable

When you purchase a product in the marketplace, you act on the assumption that reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the safety of that product. Far too often, however, this is not the case. Whether by incompetence or, even worse, through an attempt to cut corners in the name of increased profit, defective products often enter the marketplace. When innocent people are harmed, injured or killed by one of these products, a profound violation of the social trust has occurred.

As one of the top product liability law firms in the country, Kristensen LLP has an established track record of delivering verdicts and settlements on behalf of those injured by defective products. With law offices in Los Angeles, we are prepared to serve clients throughout California and beyond.

While your compensation is our highest priority, we also seek to impact the marketplace by sending a message that production and distribution of defective products will not be accepted in our jurisdiction. When we encounter companies that tolerate a level of incompetence or put the public at risk in the name of profit, we are highly motivated to expose their malfeasance and to extract maximum payments that will make them think twice next time around.
Our Los Angeles lawyers are prepared to handle a broad range of product liability claims, including those arising from dangerous and defective:


Pharmaceutical companies, at their best, exemplify the benefits of free market capitalism. Driven by powerful financial incentives, they seek to create drugs that improve, extend, and even save millions of lives. There are many cases in which they have succeeded in this mission, and we commend them for it.


Any transaction we make in life requires an element of trust. But there is a special trust that we impart when we put our health in the hands of medical professionals. When your doctor recommends the use of a medical device, you are placing great faith in this judgment. You are also placing faith in those who have designed, manufactured, and marketed the recommended device.


Aviation accident law encompasses a wide range of categories, each of which presents a unique set of challenges.


The attorneys at Kristensen LLP stands among the leading e-cigarette lawsuit attorneys in Los Angeles and the nation.

Automotive Defects:

We utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help each client recover the maximum compensation to account for their injuries, medical treatment, damages and lost wages.

When product defects harm individuals in these areas or any others, the victim may have cause to seek financial compensation from parties at all points in the chain of manufacturing and distribution. This may include manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers. The vast majority of laws related to product liability are enacted and enforced on the state level. It is crucial to have a precise understanding of the binding laws within the state where your case is pursued.

The Right Firm For Complex Product Liability Claims

These cases require a great deal of legal skill and knowledge. Possession and procurement of evidence are a crucial part of the process. Ideally, the injured party should maintain the defective product in his or her possession. If this is not the case, then we, as your lawyers, will move swiftly to procure it on your behalf. The next step is to conduct a thorough investigation of the accident, often including re-creations of the event.

Armed with meticulous research and legal preparation, we will then be able to tell your story to the jury in ways that make it as visceral and real for them as it is for you. The jury must understand the magnitude of your suffering and the ways in which your life has been altered and impacted. They must imagine what it means to be in your place, to feel the outrage that comes from suffering significant personal harm based on the negligence or callousness of another. When these messages are conveyed with proper skill and force, you stand the best possible chance of getting the compensation you rightly deserve.

Let Our Attorneys Help

If you believe or suspect that you may have been injured by a defective product of any kind, contact us immediately online or by telephone at 310-984-1297 for a free consultation with one of our Los Angeles products liability lawyers. Together we can discuss your case and explore whether our firm is the right one for you.