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Humans deserve to pass away from natural causes uninterrupted by outside forces. Enjoying full lives featuring family formation, child rearing and career satisfaction is every Californian’s right regardless of race, creed or color. So, when someone decides to make poor choices and wreck someone’s way of life, the party involved with the victim’s untimely passing should be held accountable.

Defending victims unable to speak for themselves is Kristensen LLP, an outstanding firm with an expert San Bernardino wrongful death attorney leading the way.

If you’ve been left without that special someone due to premise liability issues or some form of vehicular accident, and you believe you’re entitled to compensation, you’re well within your rights to contact our firm immediately to start the civil litigation process.

There’s nothing right about wrongfully dying

Workplace accidents, car crashes and motorcycle accidents are common culprits of wrongful death actions taken by our clients. No single case takes precedent over the other, meaning we’ll not treat your wrongful death action lesser than others. You need time to grieve, perhaps a few weeks to get affairs in order. During that time, our firm will begin collecting facts surrounding the death claim.

Kristensen LLP knows wrongful death cases tend to have higher settlement amounts, meaning the burden of proof must be stronger than other personal injury claims. Medical records, expert witnesses and accurate police reporting are necessary to prove these cases beyond doubt in court. That’s why survivors are encouraged to bring these claims to our office immediately due to California’s statute of limitations on filing cases.

San Bernardino wrongful death attorney intervention in wrongful death actions provides victims a much-needed boost they may not receive should they take matters to court themselves. In fact, if filings are mistyped or contain factual flaws, the entire case could get dismissed. This means zero compensation for victims’ families who are relying on extra funds to pay burial costs and survive.

You’ve been through enough already. Let Kristensen LLP handle the negligent party, their insurer, defense counsel and the tall task of fighting your case in court. Depending on how strong our case is, compensation may be settled out of court.

Our firm cares. Let us prove it.

Wrongful deaths are sensitive claims to bring against anyone, even if fault is blatantly obvious. Evidence must be overwhelming, even in the simplest cases. Medical records and coroner’s final determination must prove the death was accidental, and the negligent party must be irrefutably proven as such. With so many facts, cases like this are an impossible undertaking for many.

Understand there’s nothing our firm won’t do to make sure victims are made whole. We won’t promise results because no case gets tried the same way. One thing we’ll assure survivors is that every case is given high priority, and the skilled representation of our expert San Bernardino wrongful death attorney will immediately impact the case.

For an initial wrongful death case analysis that costs you nothing, contact our firm today.