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An aggressive, experienced attorney knows how to uncover the inner workings of any Uber accident, regardless where it happened or what details surrounded it. Provided the driver’s app was functional and either hauling passengers or on their way to pick up passengers, the Uber driver is considered ‘working’. Kristensen LLP has followed ridesharing closely, and has experience litigating cases like this.

Navigating complexities that arise with Uber’s liability coverage and what it means for the driver’s own policy is what our firm’s San Bernardino Uber accident attorney does best. Don’t let insurers or an app-based company bully you into taking any settlement amount without contacting an attorney first.

Because laws evolve constantly, working cases alone may cause additional hardship that you’re simply undeserving of. Our firm knows the rideshare companies quite well, and works every case with heart and compassion for every victim retaining us.

One important component of Uber accidents involves insurance company involvement. During the commission of an accident that has an Uber driver without passengers, there’s a potential gray area where either Uber’s $1 million liability coverage could be filed against, or the personal insurer of the driver. It depends whether they were hired and are heading to pick up their fare.

With passengers, it’s clearly an issue where our skilled San Bernardino Uber accident attorney holds the driver’s Uber bond liable. Since rarely will any accident cause $1 million in damages, it’s much simpler to hold one insurer liable than two.

Regardless who we’re holding accountable, it’s important that you take precautions after the accident. First, never flee. This may not only discount your claim, it could bring unwelcomed criminal charges. Next, always attempt to help those injured except when doing so could further cause pain. Finally, get yourself checked out as some concussions and internal pains are immediately apparent due to adrenaline.

How long before I’m paid?

There’s really no preset timeframe when clients get compensated. Because so many variables go into litigating these cases, it’s difficult to put an exact date on your settlement date.

Most important thing to remember is we’re working around the clock to make sure all facts are gathered, any witness testimonies are collected, and accident reports and photos are preserved. When everything is gathered, we’ll then approach Uber’s insurer and/or the driver’s personal insurer to work through settlement negotiations.

Ridesharing doesn’t have to be dangerous, yet remember that drivers are just as susceptible to poor judgment calls as anyone else. Distracted and impaired driving accidents make up the lion’s share of negligent accidents behind the wheel, and our team works to make sure victims are respectably paid.

Kristensen LLP wants to help you in whatever way suits the situation. Our unprecedented level of legal representation in ridesharing accidents will not only impress you, but it’ll get the job done. You are entitled to compensation when someone injures you – even when riding in an Uber vehicle.

For a comprehensive case analysis, contact our San Bernardino Uber accident attorney today.