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With the incredibly large volume of commercial trucks traveling California roads each day, you’d think companies would put drivers behind the wheel who exhibit command of their driving. Even worse, one would assume those who can’t drive semis or dump trucks with 100 percent accuracy would stop texting or checking their Qualcomm computers while driving. Accident stats clearly indicted drivers won’t listen.

Given the far more serious ramifications of truck accidents, Kristensen LLP works hard to get much larger settlements. Our San Bernardino truck accident attorney knows that many injuries sustained in these tragic accidents are either life-threatening, or effective end one’s life.

Tell the trucking companies you mean business. Hire our firm, and let’s start working on your truck accident claim immediately so the healing process can experience much less stress.

Not sure if you’re claim will win?

First off, let nobody tell you that your injuries are self-inflicted when clearly evidence shows otherwise. Trucking companies and both parties’ insurers are inclined to push as much blame onto victims as possible given the costliness of vehicle repair, medical bills, income loss and emotional suffering. Their tactics consist of bullying, attempting to write paltry settlement checks, and forcing victims to admit to liabilities they aren’t associated with.

Understanding the ill-conceived logic of trucking companies who’ve hurt people is pointless. That’s why our firm concentrates on facts, because that’s what wins cases in California courts. Once your case has been constructed, we work on negotiating settlement terms favorable for you. Should these structured talks break down, it’s to the courthouse we go.

The incredibly accurate San Bernardino truck accident attorney assigned to your claim will carefully examine facts, look over police reports and review medical records to determine next steps. Unless you deliberately slammed into an oncoming semi or thought you’d run into a FedEx truck, very few claims have been brought to our office lacking merit.

Don’t let insurance adjusters, truckers or their companies tell you that any claims brought against them will lack merit; if you’ve been personally injured resulting from an incident of someone else’s doing, you’re entitled to raise claim based off California tort laws and civil procedures.

Skilled representation awaits you

Truck accidents are serious enough to end people’s lives. Injuries are imminent, as are the hefty costs which follow these injuries. Kristensen LLP wants to provide a tremendous level of accuracy to your claim, but it starts with you reaching out for help.

Although truck accidents are much quicker to litigate than car accidents given the many companies who prefer not having their names drug through court, we’ll never promise specific timelines for settlement. It’s important that each case has strong facts supported by testimony, documentation and pictures which dictate the serious nature of your injuries.

Injured in an afternoon truck accident, but fear the evidence will be tossed? contact our firm immediately, even if you must leave voicemail. Tell us what happened in detail, and an experienced San Bernardino truck accident attorney will contact you forth with.