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Finding difficulty in wrapping your head around the recent product liability injury you endured? Many folks can’t fathom how various electronics, toys, medicines and foods can cause injuries, especially when it’s products they’ve trusted for years. Kristensen LLP sees many claims stem from popular toys and medicines, specifically biomedicines that promise specific afflictions will go away but fail to disclose potentially deadly side effects.

If any product has hurt you within the last two years, and you’re wanting a knowledgeable San Bernardino product liability attorney to handle your case, our firm wants to discuss your incident in detail. We won’t charge for our time discussing potential outcomes and planning strategies.

Product liabilities start when quality control fails. Poor engineering, shoddy craftsmanship and unskilled workers performing jobs they shouldn’t be often lead to numerous product injuries.

The damage products can do is appalling

Exploding tablets. Spontaneously combusting Blu-ray players. Toys that cause rashes to form on children. These and many other end results have been reported to our firm, none which should have happened. Understanding that no two product-related accidents are identical has advanced our firm’s knowledge of how to fight these cases with accuracy and devotion to each client.

When you bring something major you bought from a reputable department store home, perhaps you inspect the packaging and even unwrap the item to further inspect its construction. What many people fail to realize is defects are found within – not necessarily on the surface. Plugging something into your wall could cause an explosion, injuring numerous people. Perhaps your wash machine caused an electrocution due to poor wiring.

Products can kill people, and that’s appalling to our San Bernardino product liability attorney. Manufacturers may be fined for previous product errors, but that won’t stop them from rushing products out of their warehouse. That’s why Kristensen LLP fights for victims individually, or in class actions – to wake these factories up to their shoddiness in hopes something will change.

Need to report product injuries, but think reaching out to the manufacturer will help? Well, it may grab the attention of their lead counsel, however you’ll rarely achieve the results you want going alone.

When products fail, we won’t

Our style of litigation is comprehensive. We incorporate both California and federal laws into our case filing and courtroom battling, but we’re more concerned about making you whole again. That’s why all cases are prepped for trial regardless if our end game is simply getting clients fully compensated through negotiating settlements away from court.

Let’s get your claim started today. Without quality representation overseeing every phase of your claim, you’ll leave money on the table. Remember, we charge nothing upfront and won’t collect anything until your claim settles. Should we fail to secure compensation by any means, you’ll pay nothing.

Product injuries can get deathly serious, really quick. San Bernardino product liability attorney assistance is right around the corner, so schedule your consultation free of charge today. Let’s get justice for you, your loved ones and make manufacturers change their ways.