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Encompassing mind, body and emotions, personal injuries happen in more ways today than mere decades ago. Did someone slam into your vehicle from behind, and you smashed your face against the steering wheel? Or, perhaps an inebriated individual punched and kicked you during an unwelcomed bar fight? These are just some incidents Kristensen LLP, a full-service personal injury litigation firm, have represented clients in.

Considering the services of an expert San Bernardino personal injury attorney, but aren’t sure which has your best interests at heart? Across California, one can find truly professional lawyers dedicated to their craft; we go above and beyond excellence to help clients get compensated for an array of personal injuries.

We’ve championed a results-driven approach to accident claims for many years. That’s what sets our firm apart from the numerous injury firms existing today.

Who you retain matters most

Getting clients compensated doesn’t take rocket science. However, getting clients fully compensated for what they experience after their injuries takes special planning, a penchant for negotiations and the ability to present cases in such a manner that settling favorably is the only recourse available for negligent parties and their insurers.

Personal injuries happen in various venues, such as work, in public, on highways, in hotels and even while riding your bicycle across an expansive bridge. They don’t announce themselves, and they certainly aren’t picky how serious they affect human beings. Death happens far too often in personal injury incidents, although severe bodily pains and bone breakages are the most common.

We represent survivors of decedents, injured persons and in some cases eyewitnesses. Our San Bernardino personal injury attorney has handled numerous claims some clients didn’t think could be settled, too. It’s all about how well one preserves evidence, then presents said evidentiary findings to defense attorneys and negligent persons.

You’re under no obligation to stand idly by and let insurance companies or reckless persons take advantage of you. Remember, the sooner you begin the civil suit process, the quicker you’ll be able to start healing.

Kristensen LLP sees each client as a member of their own families and works hard so clients don’t have to.

Begin your personal injury claim today

After you’ve been cleared by law enforcement, and medical treatment has begun, contact our office to begin the litigation process. We look over every personal injury claim to assure nothing’s missing or needs further clarification. Our team will perform our own investigative work to make sure information wasn’t omitted by law enforcement, or the negligent party didn’t try covering their tracks.

Once your case is prepared for submission to court, we’ll approach the party or parties involved to see if settling your claim is feasible. Your San Bernardino personal injury attorney will trade figures, there will be adjustments along the way, and from there, a final settlement will materialize.

Nothing matters more to our team than your continued success in life. Should an unwarranted personal injury prevent you from living the standard of life you deserve, call us immediately.