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Many contend that motorcycle wrecks are more horrific to watch, let alone endure, than any other accident type. Given the fact they have no doors, windows, airbags or safety belts, serious injury is almost guaranteed when another vehicle hits them at low speeds. Death is almost guaranteed at high rates of speed, although some have survived when their helmets were above standard.

Because victims and surviving families have many unanswered questions often answered in the form of settlements, attorneys are often the ones left to console loved ones. Kristensen LLP is one firm that takes motorcycle accident litigation serious enough that our firm employs an incredibly experienced San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorney ready to fight until victory is achieved.

From initial consultation to presentation of compensation check, you’ll never find another firm willing to fight harder and support families like ours.

Why bad accidents happen to good people

Motorcyclists often ride in tandem across California highways, sometimes two or more rows deep. This formation keeps other cars away from them, and helps the traveling posse to enjoy scenery together. When riding solo, however, there’s little riders can do to avoid cars acting recklessly. Whether it’s changing lanes too quickly, or operating while intoxicated, drivers seem to find ways to wreck.

Good people often find themselves injured simply because they cannot control what another driver will do. It’s the sole responsibility of any driver to follow roadway laws, risking loss of license or civil suits if they cause unneeded accidents.

Hiring a proficient San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorney from our firm puts an immediate ally in your corner. We’ve seen our fair share of bike wrecks, and don’t give up regardless how difficult the layperson views the case.

It’s vital that victims and loved ones representing their deceased spouses contact our office immediately. Accidents that lead to death require much stronger evidence, which our firm must collect and preserve. Settlements in motorcycle death accident cases tend to be much larger, another reason why cases must be trial-ready before heading to the bargaining table.

Don’t settle for any disagreeable settlement offered by an insurer. Trust our firm when we say any offer presented by the insurer will be lowball, if one’s presented at all.

Contact motorcycle accident attorneys that care

Regardless how your motorcycle accident occurred, you’re injured. You need assistance in holding someone responsible for the financial and physical suffering you’ll endure for months to come. Therefore, why compromise on the quality of representation you receive?

Pain and suffering, motorcycle replacement or repair, income deprivation and loss of consortium are just some types of relief we’re able to fight for. But we’re unable to fight unless you bring your claim to our attention immediately.

An experienced San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorney from Kristensen LLP awaits your phone call today. There’s never a fee for consulting with our experts, and once we’ve agreed to take your accident case, nothing will be due until you’ve won your suit or settled outside of court.