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Another prevalent ridesharing app frequently used by Californians is Lyft, which offers the same comforts as Uber. Enter your destination, a driver within close proximity is matched to you. Since the app is GPS-sensitive, you’ll be found without much effort. Once picked up, the Lyft driver is effectively employed by the San Francisco-based tech firm. When an accident occurs, it’s litigated much differently.

Knowing the rules of ridesharing are similar to taxicabs, Kristensen LLP is able to quickly intervene and get claims settled much quicker than before. Our San Bernardino Lyft accident attorney knows the rules, and knows what it takes to negotiate settlements with Lyft’s insurer.

Passengers of Lyft cars, drivers and passengers of other cars, and even pedestrians which were injured due to someone’s negligence are entitled to seek compensation for their troubles.

Ridesharing laws aren’t much different

Apart from the fact Lyft drivers are independent contractors not directly employed by the tech giant, laws aren’t much different in California regarding how accidents are handled. Personal vehicles that aren’t commercially registered are treated like any other personal vehicle, with the only twist being which insurer foots the bill. The only time there’s any deviation would be if the total cost of the accident amassed $1 million, which is all that Lyft offers their drivers.

When people are hurt in ridesharing accidents, there’s an expert San Bernardino Lyft accident attorney waiting to bring at-fault parties to justice. Same rules of engagement apply to these accidents: never run from the scene, even if you’re wanted, report everything that happened to law enforcement, help others in need, and get yourself medically checked out to make sure nothing’s amiss.

After getting yourself looked over, call Kristensen LLP to get everything submitted that you have, which may only be your written testimony until we’re able to locate the police report and reach out to Lyft.

Remember, you’re never obligated to take bribes from Lyft drivers wanting to avoid trouble, or insurers wanting this incident ‘off their books’. Don’t answer questions that adjusters may ask if you’re unsure how to answer without making yourself feel guilty for an accident you didn’t commit.

Don’t let bad Lyft accidents ruin ridesharing fun

Lyft accidents are fairly rare. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to ask the company for statistics because they simply don’t track such data. But when Lyft drivers are negligent, you’ve got remedies that include seeking compensation directly from Lyft’s liability bond.

Without an attorney, your chances of surviving the questioning from an unsavory group of characters in court is almost nil. That’s just the truth. Defense attorneys aren’t paid for their looks – they protect their clients’ interests.

If you’re interested in having our well-respected San Bernardino Lyft accident attorney look over your accident claim, contact us today. There’s never a consultation charge, and nothing is collected until your case settles.

Ridesharing is both fun and practical in today’s tech-driven society. Don’t let one bad accident ruin an otherwise beneficial service at your disposal.