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Vehicles are normally safe methods of roaming around town, taking long trips or commuting to work. That is, until they’re not. Every day throughout California one could flip on their local news to find someone seriously injured or killed in an unnecessary car accident. Folks that want justice for themselves, or for loved ones, benefit when there’s legal intervention.

In this county, the San Bernardino car accident attorney people know fights for their rights is Kristensen LLP , an outstanding personal injury litigation firm dedicated to persevering when victims lack the emotional strength to battle insurance companies alone.

When you or someone you love need quality representation in auto accidents without the stress of paying upfront costs, our firm awaits your call. No two accidents will happen similarly, nor will two outcomes have identical compensation.

Millions collected for victims since 2013

There’s only one goal when our firm is hired, and that’s getting victims compensated. We’re not out trying to win our clients new friends, nor are the insurance companies looking to befriend victims. You pay thousands annually in premiums to companies that are supposed to have your back when another driver negligently slams into your new vehicle. Many times, however, they simply don’t.

Since 2013, we’ve helped numerous clients injured by another’s poor decision-making seek and secure financial relief to cover medical bills, personal income losses, and monies for pain and suffering. Kristensen LLP doesn’t collect one penny from clients until that settlement check is secured. This means we carry costs stemming from litigation, expert witnesses and whatever staff salaries need paid.

Rarely will one find such an aggressive San Bernardino car accident attorney willing to fight harder than us. Victims, whether hospitalized for extended periods or healing from their homes, often lack the energy to litigate cases themselves, the reason our firm runs to their aid.

Commercial trucks, rideshare vehicles and everyday passenger cars and trucks find themselves frequently distracted by technology or under the influence, which cases the breadth of accidents we fight. A growing number of drivers also believe they need to arrive at work before everyone else, causing even more wrecks. It’s horrifying.

Injured while driving?

There’s nothing pleasant about car accidents, and even after our San Bernardino car accident attorney secures clients favorable settlements, nobody wins. Something is lost on both sides of the accidents.

Drivers and passengers hurt or killed lose time with families, income, and often won’t experience the same standard of life they did prior to their incident. Those drivers reckless in their operation of vehicles lose driving privileges, freedom and may become uninsurable. And when the new fiscal year rolls out, insurance companies will raise rates for everyone based on accident volume in California.

If you’ve been victimized by the irrational decision making of another driver, and wish to hold them accountable, our office awaits your call. Again, our car accident attorneys won’t charge for consulting with them, and you’ll never pay one dime until your claim is favorably settled.