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Getting jumped by strangers, or finding yourself involved in an unwelcomed fight while enjoying an evening at the local pub could not only impose criminal charges on the attacker, but victims like yourself could hold the individual civilly liable for physical and financial damages caused by their actions.

Few actually pursue compensation for their injuries because they’re either bullied into not pressing charges, or simply don’t realize there’s civil recourse available when you’ve been battered. With help from a high respected San Bernardino assault attorney, you’ll come out better than you initially thought.

Kristensen LLP offers powerful representation to victims of aggravated assault, with or without the presence of weaponry. Having represented clients of this beautiful county since 2013, we’ve helped numerous clients seek financial relief after tragic assaults, and can help you, too.

Why Kristensen, LLP?

The difference between our firm and those with similar services is simple: we’ll fight until there’s nothing left inside us. Dragging perpetrators of such heinous assaults into court is our pleasure, and fighting businesses and property owners potentially complicit in their attacks is possible, too. After you report the violence to law enforcement, it’s important that you’re medically evaluated. This establishes an irrevocable paper trail which our firm can easily follow. It also becomes vital evidence.

After following protocol, bring your case to our office. We’ll take pictures if the police didn’t, and enter that into evidence as well. Discussing your claim with us will help determine next steps, what can be done and what to expect in court, should cases go that far. Criminal charges imposed upon the attacker are completely separate of civil actions taken.

Most assault cases taken to civil court are decided by judge or jury, although it’s our goal to settle cases prior to dragging victims into an unnecessary trial process. Most victims would rather not relive their hellish experiences. Our San Bernardino assault attorney begins working on all cases immediately.

Remember, your case is only as successful as the attorney assigned to it. Many people choose our firm not only because we’re great negotiators, but we utilize a people-first approach to cases that require extra care. Which is every case.

Contact our San Bernardino assault attorney

Assaults are unnecessary physical episodes which usually stem from someone’s bottled-up anger, drunkenness or general hatred toward you. Know in advance that assaults aren’t OK. You deserve to feel safe when coming with friends at taverns, malls or other places of employment or business. Once your privacy is breached by physical attack, you’re within your rights to civilly litigate for damages.

Our firm wants to discuss your case. Let’s see if we’re able to add civil penalties atop whatever criminal sentences are imposed upon the attacker. How we’re able to collect compensation depends on what transpired and where; your retained San Bernardino assault attorney will discuss these things with you.

For an initial consultation with our attorney, contact us today. Let’s help fight for your civil rights, and hold the perpetrator accountable for hurting you.