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As you’re probably aware, wrongful death happens when someone you love – brother, sister, spouse or child – passes away not by their own actions, but actions of an individual negligent in controlling their premises, workplace or vehicle. There’s little misconception between killing one’s self on accident, and losing life because someone was reckless. Joining forces with an astute Riverside wrongful death attorney will help bring wrongdoers to justice either by trial, or through settlement.

Kristensen LLP exudes the level of legal expertise loved ones need when going after someone who caused another person to needlessly die. These cases are extremely sensitive, emotional and often turn into settlements prior to trial simply because we’re not willing to put survivors through hell twice.

If you’ve ever wondered what wrongful death suits entail, read on.

Filing wrongful death claims, and more

One large component of filing wrongful death action is destruction of capacity. What this means is after you’ve lost your loved one, earnings and other life activities dwindle. Money that came in heavily before suddenly slows down. Destruction of capacity essentially covers losses of family, work and intimacy with the decedent.

Retaining our Riverside wrongful death attorney will help you fight doubly hard for compensation that could replace what another took from you. Our team handles the medical records, testimony, expert witnesses and whatever else may be necessary to build an ironclad case. We’re relentless in our pursuit of justice, in other words.

Spouses get priority in wrongful death filing, although an executor of their estate could also file on your behalf. Parents and children would be next in line should spouses not factor. However, did you know that family members who witnessed the death may be eligible for bystander compensation? If you or someone else within your family experienced emotional suffering from watching the incident, they can file a claim, too.

We help survivors seek compensation for wrongdoings of people that could’ve acted differently, or upkept their premises better. Our Riverside wrongful death attorney stops at nothing to serve justice upon those who needlessly killed another human being.

We know you’re hurting. Let us help.

During this time of tragedy, we know you’re hurting. We feel your pain and wish nothing but positive things for your remaining years on earth. Nothing can bring your loved one back, and no amount of compensation can replace the love you’ll live without. However, we can make sure you and your children are compensated for income lost and the declining lifestyle you’re left to deal with.

Fighting your case alone may seem quicker, but please understand that wrongful death cases are tricky. Defendants often care less whether you’re hurting, broke, even homeless due to your loved one’s death. Facts are facts, according to court law, and whoever proves their case is stronger wins. Besides, negotiating settlements takes careful presentation of your claim in a manner that clearly proves guilt.

We encourage you to contact our well-respected Riverside wrongful death attorney today for an initial consultation free of cost or obligation.