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Today’s tech savvy individual prefers using Uber to get from taverns to homes, or between points of interest around California. Even autonomous Ubers are starting to transport passengers around various points of interest in hopes to revolutionize tomorrow’s transportation needs. Accidents are prone to happen in ridesharing vehicles; when they do, you’ll want an aggressive Riverside Uber accident attorney working your case due to the tricky nature of insurance liability.

With immeasurable quality put into every case litigated, Kristensen LLP works rideshare accident cases where Uber drivers were negligent in hurting their passengers, drivers and passengers of other cars, and will also defend drivers of Ubers hurt by others.

Vehicle accidents are serious, even when they happen during the commission of a rideshare. Make sure the attorney you retain knows every angle of insurance law before jumping head first into your case.

Uber rides can be deadly experiences.

Kristensen LLP has seen their fare share of Uber accidents, and of course many have read the numerous news reports how Uber drivers have been killed. Autonomous Uber cars are killing people, too. Make no mistake – ridesharing accidents have equally devastating impacts on people as those driving regular cars.

Once an accident occurs, the only difference in how the accident is litigated. Instead of shooting directly for the negligent driver’s insurer, Uber gives their drivers up to $1 million in accident coverage when their app is on, and either the passenger is secured, or the driver is heading to the pickup spot. Since most accidents may not exceed that figure, negligent deaths could easily amass that amount.

Should the Uber-sponsored liability policy fail to cover the accident, our Riverside Uber accident attorney will hold the insurer accountable for the balance. And if that’s not enough, we’ll hold the driver personal liable. If there’s some way to collect compensation for victims, our team will uncover it.

Nobody should have to endure poor ridesharing experiences that injure them, or worse, kill them. Our firm stands behind our legal representation of accident victims, working tirelessly to assure the maximum available compensation for rideshare accidents is secured for those seriously injured.

Our firm wins cases against rideshare drivers

While we cannot offer exact figures regarding how many people we’ve helped in similar scenarios, our entire firm works each Uber accident in unity. From collecting photos to polling witnesses, each piece of the puzzle helps us secure favorable outcomes for those injured.

We represent victims, decedents, their families and anyone else who’s been affected by those who decided to recklessly operate their cars, trucks, SUVs or whatever else is used to transport passengers.

Have you been involved in an accident involving this popular ridesharing company, but need help holding the right party responsible? Contact our Riverside Uber accident attorney today, and let’s get the ball rolling for you. There’s no fee to have any attorney at Kristensen LLP to look over your claim.

You don’t have to tolerate bad Uber experiences that lead to bodily injury.