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Victims of horrific truck accidents may find hiring an attorney takes too long. Or, they believe they’ll get ‘gipped’ out of money. Those and many other misconceptions hold victims hostage, preventing them from getting the compensation they deserve. Insurance companies prey on unsuspecting truck accident victims such as yourself, bullying them into taking settlements well below the actual amount needed.

Trucking companies, insurers and drivers with negligent intentions fear Kristensen LLP. Not only will these companies run from the Riverside truck accident attorney assigned to your case, they’ll try to bury wrongdoing. Evidence preservation is huge in securing larger settlements for clients, so our foremost concern involves gathering and documenting evidence regarding this accident.

Our firm fights truck accidents hard.

There’s nothing worse than having your day upended by some truck driver trying to rush through town. Accidents like this happen far too frequently in California, many resulting in serious bodily harm or death. Once these accidents have happened, police will flood the scene and witnesses may have seen the whole thing. Witnesses are litigation gold.

You’ll probably went through medical examination. Answered an onslaught of investigator questions. But one last thing you’ll need to deal with involves discussing your accident with the insurance company. Both yours and theirs, in fact.

At this point, you’re welcome to retain a Riverside truck accident attorney before proceeding.The line of questioning one could expect from any insurance company involves intimidation, denigration and being offered some minuscule breadcrumb called ‘a fair settlement’. You’d be surprised how many good people take terrible settlements because they’ve been bullied into taking what’s offered.

Kristensen LLP laughs at these pitiful attempts at intimidating injured folks. Our firm will throw more legalese down their throats than they’re ready to handle, and that’s before we begin discussing your case. By the time our firm gets done chewing them up, we’ll get the settlement you deserve. We’ll avoid going after the trucking company directly unless facts dictate otherwise.

Some truck driver injured you. Why take chances with your future, and represent yourself in cases firms like our specialize in?

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If you’re wanting to brush this entire incident under the rug and move on toward the healing process, you’re under no obligation to hold the trucking company, the driver or the insurer accountable. Just have your wrecked vehicle towed to your home, and move on without litigating. We say this because fighting your case alone is much like walking away from the money you actually deserve.

However, if you’re wanting all negligent parties involved to pay what you’re entitled to, then you’ll need experienced representation by your side. The settlement you receive will be much larger, the punitive damages that court may impose on the trucking company could be stiffer, and you’ll need not worry about surviving tomorrow.

Our Riverside truck accident attorney wants to get you, the accident victim, every penny your accident is worth. But we can’t fight until you bring us your case.