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Victim of shoddy workmanship, and want the manufacturer held accountable? Did an electronic device explode, causing your child facial injuries that will leave permanent scars? Product liability issues arise when manufacturers breach their responsibility to provide durable consumer products that perform as they promise. If you or someone you love has been victimized by products you normally trusted, you could be entitled to compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, and time away from work.

A Riverside product liability attorney trusted by thousands of clients over the years, Kristensen LLP can provide consumers hurt by food, medicines, electronics, clothing and other products.

Utilizing an intelligent approach to representing clients injured by products, our firm can build cases packed with evidence backing your claim that some item caused personal injury. Should we take your case, there’s no initial consultation costs and no money is collected until we win.

How are claims of product injury proven?

Some acts of negligence are so apparent, the burden of proof speaks for itself. Known as res ipsa loquitur, negligence can be proven in circumstances where manufacturers cause injuries that are blatantly noticeable and can only be caused by negligence. These cases normally get settled quickly since the burden of proof shifts to the defense that the manufacturer didn’t cause these obvious injuries.

Other less obvious injuries sustained by manufacturer error endure much stricter evidentiary procedures. Your Riverside product liability attorney must prove that the manufacturer owed the consumer a duty of some sort, and that duty was breached when the plaintiff (you) became injured. Finally, damages must be measurable.

Privity is established when manufacturer packages the product, a consumer exchanges money for that product, and the consumer begins using the product. Every product purchased establishes a written contract between you, the consumer, and the manufacturer who indemnifies that item was produced in good faith with safe materials and solid construction.

The volume of product liability cases Kristensen LLP handles testifies to our ability to locate liability, and litigate against the manufacturer to make sure you’re compensated for your injuries. Consumers are protected by state and federal laws, and we make sure those laws are enforced.

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Been injured, and trust few to handle your case? We understand. Our firm has built excellent rapport with each community where we litigate cases. Results will vary, but our effort remains steadfast.

You didn’t want this horrific injury, but here you are. Now it’s time to hold the manufacturer accountable for forcing you to address bodily injury otherwise avoidable with better craftsmanship. Our Riverside product liability attorney will immediately work on your case. They’ll gather facts, interview anyone who may have seen this tragic event unfold, and work toward negotiation of compensation.

Should negotiations break down, we’ll take your case to court where hundreds of people will learn about your experience. If others were injured, we’ll even certify everyone for class action status. Whatever it takes to earn your trust and settle your case, Kristensen LLP will do.