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Offering motorcycle riders much less protection than cars doesn’t improve the outcome of accidents. When happen, they’re often more devastating than other wrecks; in fact, a growing number of riders don’t walk away from high-speed collisions. Should you find yourself seriously injured, or if you’re representing a decedent who passed away during an accident, justice is your first wish.

Kristensen LLP, an incredible law firm with a savvy Riverside motorcycle accident attorney ready for your accident claim, helps bikers seek justice against those motorists who failed to yield, slow down or pay attention to their surroundings.

As motorcyclists, you’re entitled to operate your two-wheeled machine in accordance with state and local laws on roads made available to cars, trucks and other vehicles. When someone breaches your safety through negligence, you’re entitled to hold them civilly punishable.

How serious do motorcycle accidents get?

72.34 motorcyclists per 100,000 are expected to succumb to their accident injuries every year. That’s nearly double the fatality rate of cars and trucks combined. Since roughly 2% of all vehicles registered in America are motorcycles, imagine how many bikers travel California roads alone. It’s staggering.

Cars have airbags; motorcycles have their clothing and helmets to cushion an accident. When passengers get ejected from vehicles, they’ll fly through glass with tremendous force; motorcycle riders will either slam hard onto asphalt, or go flying into the air before hitting the ground. Neither scenario is pleasant. Many cases our firm’s Riverside motorcycle accident attorney has litigated involved some rather horrific end results for injured riders.

No matter how many times you tell vehicles to pay attention, accidents will happen. With lane-splitting allowed in California, drivers will get agitated and mistreat motorcycle riders; this causes plenty of accidents. And it certainly doesn’t help when drunk drivers take their frustrations out on motorcyclists, either.

Our firm has one mission: making things right for injured riders or survivors of those killed. Should we fail to secure compensation for those relying on such financial help, we charge nothing for our services. It’s the least we can do for motorcyclists that have experienced unwarranted injuries.

Motorcyclists, let’s get you compensated

Riders injured by another vehicle want their motorcycle repaired, their medical expenses covered and compensation for lost wages. They’re normally not concerned who pays, provided someone does. That’s why our aggressive Riverside motorcycle accident attorney steps up and begins working on claims; because most riders aren’t familiar with insurance law, and frankly, don’t care.

Our firm begins each attorney-client relationship with a handshake, and ends them the same. Riders understand that trust is built when lawyers keep their word and remain honest. Sure, our firm will never promise outcomes, but we’ll always dedicate our time and resources to each case until compensation is achieved, or charge injured riders nothing.

To get started toward securing monetary relief for your injury, contact Kristensen LLP. We’ll discuss your case and develop an action plan. From there, our team will execute this plan until every penny your accident is worth is paid.