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Although much smaller than Uber, Lyft is another company offering independent drivers the opportunity to earn money using their vehicles as taxicabs. Actual earnings are small compared to amounts of money needed to gas, maintain and repair vehicles that are used frequent enough. Not only are earnings minuscule, long hours can impair judgment, causing vehicle accidents to occur.

Passengers of Lyft cars, drivers and passengers of vehicles struck by Lyft drivers and anyone else affected by the negligence of these ridesharing cars are entitled to compensation which an educated Riverside Lyft accident attorney from Kristensen LLP can help procure.

Ridesharing has taken society by storm. People from all walks are commuting to work, heading to parties and even getting rides to airports across America with a few taps of their smartphone. But make no mistake: Lyft isn’t above the law, nor are their drivers.

Lyft accident victims deserve top-notch counsel

A major component of dealing with Lyft’s liability insurance company, the driver and everyone else with an interest in your accident is negotiation. Our firm makes every attempt to get your claim resolved prior to rinsing your case through courts; given many people don’t like facing the negligent party in court, we work hard to avoid such meetings.

Many claims can be solved by negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, or by going through the courts. Whatever is necessary to get your claim paid in full works for us. In fact, the Riverside Lyft accident attorney working tirelessly on your case prepares all cases as if they’re going to trial.

Accident victims may have plenty of questions regarding what happens after they’ve retained us. In simplest terms, we’ll visit the accident scene or collect police reports (maybe both), gather medical records which will outline the care you received, then put together your civil complaint. We’ll hold onto the complaint and work toward negotiating specific settlement terms, including what’s needing paid and what’s deserved for pain and suffering.

The process doesn’t happen overnight, but it goes much smoother when Kristensen LLP attorneys are working your case. Lyft offers $1 million in total accident liability coverage, which is where we begin our negotiations.

Bad Lyft experience result in wreck? Call today.

The app which people use to book rides may work smoothly, but it unfortunately cannot control the actions of other drivers. Lyft may not have multitudes of documented accidents, but they’re just as possible as with any other vehicle carrying passengers. When you’ve been injured by some Lyft driver, you’ll need the fierce litigation offered by an experienced Riverside Lyft accident attorney within our firm.

We also represent loved ones of those killed by Lyft drivers. And, if family members witnessed the tragic accident leading to death, benefits may be payable to them, too. It’s important that you act quickly, however, because evidence tampering, and other mischievous acts, can happen to sensitive facts.

Don’t let bad Lyft experiences ruin your day. Let’s hold the driver, insurer and everyone else involved accountable together for your accident.