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There’s nothing worse than fearing California drivers. Ask the numerous car accident victims we’ve litigated for, and they’ll tell you regardless how careful your driving may appear, someone out there doesn’t follow laws. Once you’ve been involved in an accident, you’re forever replaying the incident in your mind each time you travel down the highway.

As Kristensen LLP has litigated more car accidents than other cases, we’ve become experts over time. Our education and experience in insurance law exudes from each Riverside car accident attorney within our ranks. What does this mean for victims like you? More accurate representation when you need it most.

Who you retain during times of extreme stress and uncertainty is as important as the compensation you receive. While money can help you recover from your injuries, it cannot change the event.

Car accidents mean everyone loses something

By now, you’re aware of how our firm handles cases. We attack insurance companies that bully good folks like you. From there, we’ll either come to an agreement on compensation, or we’ll let the jury decide; most insurers aren’t fond of the latter. Everyone loses something in car accidents, although your body may heal, and vehicle will get repaired or replaced.

Drivers will either lose their privileges, watch their premiums skyrocket or simply stop caring altogether. Victims, although made somewhat financially whole, will replay the incident over and over forever. Insurers will end up hiking state premiums when they aggregate annual accident data. And, in some cases, people’s lives could be lost forever which leave loved ones struggling to make it.

The serious nature of even the smallest car accidents makes people wonder if walking is safer. Even then, drunk drivers are hitting pedestrians in alarming numbers, too. So, perhaps the best way to handle car accidents is just do your part in driving safely, and the negligent ones will either weed themselves out, or become uninsurable due to so many wrecks.

Discuss your case with our Riverside car accident attorney today, and you’ll learn more about the long history of successful accident litigation our firm has accrued. We never promise results, but guarantee 110% effort in every claim we fight.

Victims of car accidents, call us today.

Honestly, the last call anyone wants to make is to an attorney. Let’s be honest. You’d rather each day go smoothly as you commute between destinations, and don’t imagine ever getting into an accident. Because you’re more skilled, and better prepared, you’ll avoid the drunks. No car accidents can happen to me, because I’m invincible.

Doesn’t matter your skill level, how much you earn or where in California you reside. Car accidents are random acts of negligence committed by persons that aren’t looking out for your safety. So, when you’re stuck alongside the road and suddenly get plowed into by someone under the influence, remember that Kristensen LLP is only one call away from getting you compensated.

When you must make that dreaded call to an attorney, our Riverside car accident attorney is standing by.