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Victims of domestic violence have more recourse than just putting perpetrators behind bars. If you’ve been battered, have lost time away from work and require extensive medical treatment, you’re entitled to hold the attacker personally liable in civil court regardless the outcome of the criminal charges. Not only can you hold them personally liable, but if the attack happened in various venues, the owner is liable, too.

When assault claims need thoroughness, Kristensen LLP has an incredible Riverside assault attorney ready to fight for compensation. It’s terrible that in 2016 alone, 5.7 million Americans over age 12 experienced aggravated and non-aggravated assaults. That’s almost 11 assaults a minute.

Our firm goes after those responsible.

Depending on where your attack took place, premises liability issues could arise which can strengthen your case. For example, if you’re attending an afterhours party at the local pub, and someone attacks you, the property owner could be held liable for allowing the assault to transpire. Which could also call to question how much alcohol they knowingly served the attacker.

Public venues, hotels and other establishments with large groups of people could be held responsible for failing to provide adequate security. We’ve seen this scenario often, forcing our Riverside assault attorney to get involved to compensate those improperly protected.

We’re anti-bully. That’s great for you, and bad for those who’ve hurt you. Criminal justice will hold them accountable, and when they’re done, civil liability will kick them harder. If they disfigured you, caused bones to break and your financial situation suffers because of their ruthlessness, we’ll find every outlet possible to force them to pay.

Property owners, including those where people frequent in groups, are responsible for maintaining safety of all patrons. Should anyone get hurt, that’s when our firm gets involved. Some of our settlements have grown quite large because the magnitude of one’s assault injuries was severe enough to merit larger settlement terms.

If multiple persons attacked you, we’ll hold them both accountable. If you were attacked by someone and another structure caused injuries, we’ll hold the premises owner accountable. There’s literally nothing our tough Riverside assault attorney won’t do for their clients.

Attacked by someone? Call someone tough on bullies.

Assaults happen frequently enough in California that our firm handles plenty of assault cases. Our Riverside assault attorney doesn’t appreciate people being beaten for no apparent reason. When it happens, our entire firm gathers together and puts together an incredibly strong case that gets results.

If you’ve been victimized by someone while eating dinner, staying at some resort in our state or during some public event, contact our firm immediately. There’s no fee to discuss the assault case you bring and, when we accept your case, we charge nothing until we’ve made the bully pay.

Stand up and let’s hold these bullies accountable together. We cannot promise amounts of compensation or what outcome your case may have, but we’ll work much harder than you’d ever imagine possible. We have a Riverside assault attorney standing by today.