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Ride sharing is a way of life for many Long Beach residents. Getting into an accident is a traumatic experience made worse during an Uber ride. Car insurance claims are complex in a regular accident but during an Uber accident who is actually liable? It is not as clear cut as you may think because so many factor contribute to determining liability including if the app was turned on, if the diver was in between rides and if there was a passenger on board. A Long Beach Uber accident attorney is well versed on the process of determining liability and seeking appropriate compensation. Choosing the right attorney can make all the difference between little to no settlement and fair compensation.


As a passenger you put your faith in Uber and assume that if anything were to happen they would handle it appropriately. That is not always the case. Uber has previously attempted to distance itself from drivers who have been in an accident while logged into their app. They would argue that because they did not have a passenger in tow that Uber was not liable. California lawmakers have enacted bills with stronger liabilities for Uber and other ridesharing companies. This requires companies to extend their insurance coverages for drivers and passengers. By law, Uber will at minimum be required to serve as a secondary insurance from the moment the app is turned on not only when there is a passenger on board. Uber and insurance companies will always try to pay the minimum after an accident. In previous cases they have even attempted to distance themselves from the driver in accidents to avoid paying or being held liable. A Long Beach Uber accident attorney will be able to sift through the madness and help you obtain compensation and hold the appropriate parties liable. We are not afraid of big companies who try to avoid liability.

Drivers working for Uber are considered independent contractors and are required to carry their own car insurance. Depending on the situation either their own insurance will go into effect or an additional commercial insurance will. Uber is required to provide up to $1 million in liability protection in the event of an accident where they are transporting a passenger and the person is injured. If the driver is logged into the app and is in between rides, the liability insurance will be up to $50 thousand for bodily injuries per individual per accident. It is maxed at $100 thousand per accident. Even with these limits and regulations, companies will try to avoid accepting liability and paying for damages.


Once liability is determined youmake think the process gets easier. Unfortunately, accessing the insurance coverage can be more complicated than during a regular car accident. The situation can become even more complex when the driver has signed up for both Uber and Lyft as many drivers are. You need the experience and guidance of a Long Beach Uber accident attorney to review your case and come up with a plan of action. Every case is different and has its own unique hurdles to jump over. The Uber accident attorneys at Kristensen LLP have years of experience fighting for clients’ rights when involved in an Uber accident. Don’t wait until it is too late to contact our offices for an initial consultation. We will fight against Uber and car insurance companies for appropriate compensation for your injuries and suffering.