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At Kristensen LLP, our attorneys are strong advocates for victims of personal injury accidents in Long Beach and throughout California.
We have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of injury victims and their families. Our experienced trial lawyers are prepared to handle any personal injury claim, no matter how serious the injuries or complex the issues. Personal injury claims encompass a large scope of things some intentional and some caused by negligence.

Whether it be a car accident or an assault our Long Beach personal injury attorneys are prepared to fight for your against other individuals and big insurance companies. A personal injury situation can be life altering. Car and trucking accidents can be devastating leaving you without transportation, serious injury or even a wrongful death. Suffering from an assault invades your personal space and can be extremely traumatizing. Injuries leave more than just physical scars, they also affect you financially and emotionally. You may be entitled to compensation for all of the damages you have suffered. If an injury ends with a death, this may open up the possibility to file a wrongful death claim. Regardless of the situation you will need to consult with a Long Beach personal injury attorney. The scope of our practice includes:

How We Can Help

A experienced Long Beach personal injury lawyers, we have the intricate knowledge of the various federal and state laws that may apply to your particular case. Every case is different and has it’s own particular obstacles. We have the time and resources to investigate your case with meticulous care and be able to place you in the best position to succeed. We are on your side every step of the way from the moment you step into our office for an initial consultation.

Our Long Beach personal injury lawyers have an outstanding reputation of results and the ability to get you the compensation you deserve. Most cases can be settled prior to trial. However, we are not afraid to put your case in front of a jury and are supremely confident in our ability to succeed in the courtroom setting. Our opponents know this, and this knowledge provides crucial leverage in the negotiation phase. We have the ability to translate painstaking research and mundane data into a powerful and compelling story told to a jury on your behalf. Applied with passion and purpose, these skills and abilities give you the best possible chance to win your personal injury case.


Our team of personal injury lawyers in Long Beach can level the playing field and give you the powerful representation required to win your case against a highly motivated and well-resourced opponent. To arrange your free and confidential consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact us by telephone at 310-984-1297 or online by filling out a brief contact form.