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Regardless how defensively motorcyclists ride, or how ‘skilled’ riders profess being, there’s nothing stopping an oncoming car from smashing into you without time to react. It happens all too frequently around California; it probably happened as you’re reading this. Motorcycles are smaller, therefore take up less space which makes them vulnerable to neglectful or otherwise distracted drivers.

Motorcycle accident victims deserve compensation. That’s exactly what Kristensen LLP believes, too, because serious injuries and time off work deserve monetary recognition beyond what the accident dictates is owed. A hard-hitting Long Beach motorcycle accident attorney prepared to litigate cases using whatever legal tools are available, the firm isn’t one to back down from insurance bullies.

Motorcycle Accident Stats are Terrifying

Just over 72 motorcycles deaths per 100,000 registered bikes are reported annually in America. That’s 72 freedom-seeking riders who didn’t come home to sons, daughters, spouses, or parents. 2013 was particularly unkind to motorcyclists, with 14% of all traffic fatalities leading to motorcyclist demise. On average, two-wheeled bikes are 29 times more likely to be involved in unwarranted accidents.

Statistics show, of course, that motorcycles are dangerous conveyances. But it’s not the riders who make these statistics look ugly – it’s the intoxicated, unskilled or distracted drivers of trucks and passenger cars that inflate these figures. You’d be surprised when researching stats how few motorcycles negligently wreck into other bikes, especially here in California.

No motorcycle safety course prepares riders for another’s reckless actions. Kristensen LLP is, however, prepared to hold reckless vehicle operators accountable utilizing every law that’s applicable. Serious injuries, especially broken bones and paralysis, are common. Deaths are unfortunately, too. Loved ones who retain our services do so knowing we’re tough inside court, the reason few insurers prefer not to engage us there.

Accidents our Long Beach motorcycle accident attorney handle range in severity, but one constant remains unchanged: victims or their surviving loved ones demand answers and fair settlements based on income, medical or burial expenses and loss of income potentially earned years down the road. Count on our firm to discover untruths, bring attention to unnoticed facts and work tirelessly to settle your case favorably.

Injured on Motorcycle? We’re on Your Team.

Miles of paved roadways sprawl across California, many along the Pacific Ocean. The beauty of our highways, backroads and interstates draws motorcyclists near and far to our breathtaking state. Nobody expects an ordinary day of riding to end maliciously, nor do they expect somebody else to abuse roadways by drinking or drugging then driving. It’s disgraceful that so many abusive drivers exist today.

Negligent accidents are what the attorneys at Kristensen LLP specialize in. Another driver who was granted driving privileges, but fails to properly control their vehicle for whatever reason, is considered negligent when their controllable actions become purposeful mishandling.

Get an experienced Long Beach motorcycle accident attorney that fights for victims’ rights. Someone that won’t accept some poor excuse of a settlement, or shovel you into something that ‘may work’. Contact Kristensen LLP and get results you deserve.