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Ride sharing accidents are quickly becoming a common occurrence amongst Long Beach residents. No one expects or is even prepared for a Lyft accident to occur. The worst part can be the confusion that follows especially on the legal side.How do you determine who is liable to pay for your injuries. Is it the driver? Is it Lyft? Does your insurance have to cover it? Simply, as a Lyft passenger you do have rights. You do not have any fault nor should you be held responsible for another’s negligence. The first step is to get an initial consultation with a Long Beach Lyft accident attorney to discuss your case. The Lyft accident attorneys at Kristensen LLP have the skill set and experience to evaluate your case and build a viable plan of action that will help you get the maximum compensation available for your damages.


California requires Lyft drivers to go through a criminal background check and proper training. Lyft drivers will also need to pass a vehicle inspection, have proof of liability insurance and ensure passenger safety. This means that in the event of an accident, both the driver and Lyft can be held responsible. Our Long Beach Lyft accident attorneys  will help prove that the driver owed a duty to use responsible care and failed to meet that duty causing you injury.

California requires Lyft and other ridesharing companies to have $1 million in insurance coverage to cover deaths, personal injury and property damage. This insurance coverage is contingent upon the driver having accepted a ride and the accident happening before the ride has ended. There are also insurances for drivers who are not on a ride. Lyft drivers who are logged into the app but have not accepted a ride have a limited insurance coverage of up to $250,000 per person.


A Long Beach Lyft accident attorney can help guide you on liability and coverage as well as devise a plan of action to obtain compensation for your injuries. They will help you understand whose insurance needs to pay and who needs to be held liable regardless of fault. As a passenger you are putting your trust not only in another driver but also in Lyft. If an accident does occur you put faith in Lyft to pay for your medical expenses and damages. Some ride sharing companies will attempt to offer a low settlement or no settlement at all.

We will fight aggressively against ride sharing companies and insurance companies on your behalf. You will first need to come in for an initial consultation. During a consultation we will review your situation and determine a plan of action. We will take the time to investigate the entirety of the situation and give you all the information possible so you can get a whole picture and make the appropriate decision. Our goal is to get you healthy and obtain proper compensation for another’s negligence. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.