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Holding Violent Criminals Responsible For Their Actions

The majority of personal injury claims in Long Beach are the result of an accident such as a car wreck or slip and fall but there are some claims that are caused from intentional violence by another party. These types of situations involve assault, battery, abuse or any other form of abuse. This can feel like a violation and may leave you seeking answers. Luckily for you, we pride ourselves on standing up against bullies.If you have been injured due to assault, battery, abuse or any act of violence, the law is on your side. You have the right to seek fair and just compensation for the damages you have suffered.

At Kristensen LLP we hate bullies. Our team of Long Beach assault attorneys work aggressively to hold perpetrators of violent crimes financially responsible for the harm they have inflicted on our clients. The criminal justice system is only one part of the process. We also handle the civil side of cases, and have a proven track record of success helping victims of assault and other violent crimes recover financial compensation for the damages they have endured.


In addition to the perpetrator of the violent act, there may be other parties liable for the incident. They will also be held accountable. Many assaults, batteries, rapes, robberies and other violent crimes take place on commercial properties such as night clubs, bars and parking garages. If the owner of a property was negligent in providing adequate security or taking other preventative measures, he or she may be at least partly responsible for your injuries. Premises liability requires the owners or renters of a property to take all safety measures for all guests on the property. Commercial properties have a dangerous element because you are unsure of who will walk in. At a nightclub, there is no possible way for you to know every single person which is why adequate security measures are of dire importance. You could be having the time of your life when suddenly a fight breaks out and security is nowhere to be found. Not only is the person who assaulted you liable but so is the nightclub because they further contributed to your injuries by not having ample security. Had security been around to prevent or quickly break up the fight the injuries would not have been so severe.

When handling personal injury claims, we seek to identify all responsible parties and make them pay. This not only helps our clients, but contributes to making the world a safer place for others. Bullies and businesses do not scare us away. We are here to protect your rights.


Our Long Beach assault attorneys can handle civil assault claims having a proven track record for results. A civil assault case may not be as simple as you would expect especially when you add premises liability to the mix. Our Long Beach premises liability attorneys and Long Beach assault attorneys work to find every liable party in your case.  We stand up to bullies so you don’t have to. The first step in seeking compensation is meeting with one of our attorneys to discuss your case. During a consultation we will review the case and any evidence provided as well as answer any questions you may have. To talk with an experienced attorney who can protect your rights, contact us today online or by telephone and schedule a free initial consultation.