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By stephen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Personal Injuries on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.
How Do You Know If You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury can be emotionally traumatic in addition to the physical injury sustained. Usually, victims of accidents that cause personal injury are able to get the necessary medical attention, but that can be costly. Further, they’re often the recipient of settlements and damages, but without a personal injury lawyer, this compensation is rarely proportionate to the injuries sustained, unfair, and simply not enough.


How does the victim of a personal injury know if they should seek out and engage the services of a personal injury lawyer? There are a number of factors to consider, including the following:


The Seriousness of the Injury


Some injuries may not require a trip to the hospital, or may not prevent the injured party from resuming their normal life immediately following an accident. They may, however, cause emotional injury and have substantial post-traumatic stress related consequences.


Other injuries may be more serious, and may require the injured party to immediately go to the nearest hospital to receive heightened medical attention and treatment. In either case, the injured party is responsible for the up-front costs of medical attention, and the injury sustained can have very serious effects on the life of the injured party. The more serious the injury, the more a personal injury lawyer is needed.


Who or What Caused the Accident?


Liability is one of the most important elements of a personal injury lawsuit. It’s important to be able to identify and prove who or what is liable for causing the accident or incident in which the personal injury was sustained. 


The liable party or parties, as well as their insurance companies, will be quick to distort the accident or incident so as to reduce or relieve themselves from liability. If you’re injured and unable to implicate the party that you’re certain is liable for the injury you’ve sustained, then you should hire an attorney.


Medical Costs


Not everyone has the resources or health insurance necessary to face the often-overwhelming up-front costs of medical attention after unexpected personal injury. Most of the time, the compensation a victim is entitled to to afford medical expenses isn’t provided until after a settlement is secured, or a judgment is made in favor of the plaintiff.


If medical expenses are too high, an experienced and successful personal injury attorney can help connect the injured party with medical professionals that won’t charge up-front costs. In some cases, personal injury attorneys may themselves cover up-front medical expenses based on their assessment of the strength of the case.


No or Low Settlement Offers


Don’t be surprised if the liable party and their insurance company tries to quickly resolve the issue with a low settlement offer, or ignore you entirely and do not attempt to rectify the matter. In this case, the injured party must seek the help of an attorney.


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