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By stephen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Car Accident on Monday, November 23, 2020.
Is it necessary to hire a lawyer after a car accident?

Car accidents are almost always unexpected and can result in many different outcomes depending on the severity of the collision, the parties involved and how fault is determined, and the legal circumstances. Fortunately, the reality is they are rare for most people – and most often fairly minor. Unfortunately, that likely means you have little or no experience in handling the aftermath of a car accident. Depending on the extent of the crash, there are various ways you can go about handling the following process. If you were injured, you may decide you want to file a claim and seek damages. On the other hand, if the accident has resulted in minor property damage, you may just want to exchange information with the other parties involved and let the insurance companies handle the process. Regardless, there are some situations where legal representation could prove useful and others where the expense might not be necessary.


Moving forward independently

Not all accidents are the same, some result in major injuries, minor injuries, or none at all. If you’ve found yourself in an accident where neither party obtained injuries, you likely don’t need a lawyer. If there are no medical bills, there’s virtually no reason to get a personal injury lawyer involved. Even if you have very minor injuries where medical attention is necessary, filing a personal injury claim is something your insurance company will be qualified to walk you through. If there’s no injury, or you feel confident that your insurance company is able to handle the matter to your satisfaction, you should be set to proceed on without representation. With that being said, if something arises that you feel unsure about how to handle, it wouldn’t hurt to seek counseling on the matter.


Representation is recommended

When an accident results in extensive property damage or severe injury, the complexities about the laws in place and the various insurance policies can be quite difficult to navigate. There’s always the possibility that your insurance company denies your claim, or fails to offer fair compensation – in these situations, having a lawyer in place who understands all of your rights would be essential to ensuring the best possible outcome. A personal injury claim can be simple and straightforward, or it can quickly become complex – especially when you have to handle the crossover between health insurance claims, auto insurance claims, and claims with the defendant’s insurance company. There’s a great deal that goes into this, and while some can certainly handle it on their own, it’s highly recommended you hire professional help.


If you’re absolutely confident that your insurance company can resolve this situation to your satisfaction, or the damages are minor and you don’t consider it a serious matter – handling it on your own is quite possible. Unfortunately, not every accident is that straightforward. Multiple lawsuits can form and having someone to protect you and your rights will be the key to obtaining the best possible outcome in your favor. If at any time you feel like this process is too far out of your realm, give our office a call and we can evaluate how we can assist you.