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By stephen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Defective Products on Saturday, October 31, 2020.
Vehicle Defects and Product Liability: Know Your Rights

The decision to purchase a vehicle is a significant investment, in fact, it’s usually among the most important ones we make in our life. For most, a house is the largest financial investment, with vehicle purchases following in second place. For everyone, the decision to trust a vehicle is also an exercise in trust to invest in your safety and well-being, and the most important thing you can trust a business with – your life. For this reason, there are strict laws put into place about how vehicles must be built to keep you safe. Unfortunately, some companies make mistakes – or outright lie – and produce vehicles that do not adhere to all necessary safety laws.


The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act is used to ensure that manufacturers produce vehicles that are compliant with their safety standards, as well as recall vehicles that do not meet these standards due to defects that create risks to the passengers. However when an unsafe vehicle is released, it poses a danger to innocent and unsuspecting individuals and families until the defect is identified, often as the direct result of tragedy occurring. There are two ways that an automotive defect can occur. The first is a defect that happens during the manufacturing process, making it unique to that specific vehicle. The second is a fundamental flaw in the design, affecting all makes and models of its like. In both of these scenarios, human life is put in jeopardy – and for some the dangers can become reality.


When an accident occurs as the result of a manufacturer’s negligence, it means that all of the associated damages are the responsibility for that company to compensate the victim. Medical bills can be unimaginably high, adapted cars and other modifications may need to be made in the home or work place, and none of this is to speak of the emotional hardship and suffering that happens as a direct result of the experience. When a vehicle – or any other product, for that matter – is defective and poses a liability, it puts health and lives at risk, and impacts countless other people as the result – friends, family, employers, and more.


It’s important, for all these reasons and more, to hold these companies accountable, and ensure the affected individuals receive the compensation – and the justice – that they deserve. For many, there are lifelong adjustments, and for others, it may be more possible to move past completely. No matter who you are or what your experiences are, it’s important to see accountability placed where it belongs – financially, practically, and emotionally.  Fighting a large company can seem intimidating, but laws are black and white, and they are there to protect you.


If you or someone you love has been affected by a vehicle or product defect of any variety, we encourage you to call our offices to learn how we can help your case. We will fight for justice on your behalf, so you can move beyond the event as comfortably as possible.