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By stephen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Personal Injuries on Monday, September 14, 2020.
Why seeking medical attention is important for a strong personal injury case


When an incident results in personal injury – no matter how major, or how minor – it immediately triggers a long, complicated, and often anxiety-inducing chain of events. The injury itself is often, and should be, the most pressing concern – but this includes navigating a complicated medical system, while also dealing with the stress of how the injury might impact your life. It’s understandable, for many, that a first reaction may be to ignore and avoid the situation – a natural coping mechanism. Sometimes this is possible because the injury appears minor, while in other cases, the fear and stress of undergoing medical evaluations and treatments is something to avoid at all costs, regardless of the pain. However, it’s essential to receive immediate and complete medical attention following an incident, not just for your health, but also to build a strong personal injury case.


When an incident occurs where you believe another party is at fault, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages – which is any hardship, financial or otherwise, that you suffer as a result of their negligence. It’s important to receive the proper medical attention for a variety of reasons – the first is always health, always – but the second is documentation. Medical providers have no biases or agendas other than to assess your current state, and develop a treatment plan to resolve the impacts of your injury as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means that each visit to them is an opportunity to receive honest expert documentation showing their diagnosis, accompanying notes, test results, lab results, feedback from any specialists, bloodwork and other important information regarding your health, and most importantly, written assessment of your condition immediately following the accident.


It can be easy to rationalize not visiting a medical professional, particularly if you feel you can get away without attention, however, the more time that passes between the incident and your initial clinical assessment, the less clear it becomes what affects may have been caused by the incident, or another event. For example, if you receive an injury as the result of a minor auto collision, but don’t receive immediate medical attention, it will be much easier for the other party to build a case that your injuries could have come from another source – such as work, or other activities you’ve participated in since then – as well as make an argument that you must have been fine after the accident if you did not feel you needed medical treatment.


Insurance companies are notorious for trying to fight people to compensate them as little as possible – regardless of how reasonable their claims may be. Quick and complete medical documentation from the first moments following the incident, all the way through your medical professionals giving you the ‘all clear’, is an essential part of any legal strategy to fight their attempts to give you less than you deserve. Plus, your medical expenses are a part of the compensation you would ultimately be awarded, so making sure you receive proper care should be your first and most pressing priority – if you are not found responsible for the incident itself, then you should not be accountable for the financial consequences of that incident.


Injury is always an emotional experience, and it can be even more emotional when there is a legal element associated with seeking resolution. We are here to support you through the process, and ensure you receive all compensation you’re entitled to, so you can get your life back on track. If you or a loved one has experienced an injury that you believe is the result of another party, please contact our office so that we can seek justice on your behalf.