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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Defective Products on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.
Prepac Chest Drawers Pose Serious Injuries and Death to Children

Purchasing new furniture and giving your home a fresh new look usually comes with at least some element of excitement. There are many reasons to find yourself shopping for new furniture – moving, upgrading old pieces, redecorating for fun, or adding new members to the family. No matter the reason, it’s important your furniture fits your needs, works in your home, functions as intended, and, most importantly, is safe to use.

When consumers purchase furniture or other supplies for their home, they’re bought with an understanding that the product is safe for its intended use. In addition to being ethical for manufacturers to not distribute products they know to be faulty or dangerous, it’s also illegal. The laws they must follow are put in place to protect consumers, and they’re what allow us to feel safe purchasing items from our local stores – whether we need a new stove, hairdryer, water kettle, or anything else – we trust they will work properly, and won’t cause fires, explosions, or create other hazards. When purchasing a large piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers, most consumers would not think they could be putting their family in harm’s way.

However, this is exactly what happened to those who bought Prepac 4-drawer chests for their home.

These chest of drawers were designed in such a way that regular use can create an imbalance and cause them to tip over. In terms of less serious implications, this can cause severe damage to your home that requires expensive repairs. In terms of the most serious implications, these drawers can injure, trap, or even kill a member of your family – most easily: children.

It’s incredibly common for units such as these to be used in bedrooms and living rooms, and it isn’t reasonable to believe they could pose a risk to your family, and would need additional safety mechanisms. If this was the case, manufacturers should make consumers aware of this need. In the case of Prepac’s chests, to ensure your home and family are safe from damage and harm, it’s necessary to mount the units to the wall to prevent them from falling and crashing over. Mounting a simple chest of drawers is not something most consumers would believe would be necessary, and more importantly, Prepac provided no safety warning to let consumers know these actions were essential to protecting themselves while using the product as intended.

The reality is manufacturers are under an obligation – both legal, and ethical – to keep the consumers they serve safe. If they do not do this, they’ve both violated their responsibilities, and put innocent people in danger by doing so. Our firm is here to represent those who have suffered as the result of their negligence, and bring justice to those who have been injured, or even lost a loved one, as the result of a faulty product. If you have been impacted by Prepac, or any similar dangerous product, please call us so we can seek justice on your behalf.