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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Personal Injuries on Thursday, September 5, 2019.
Types of Personal Injury Cases

The definition of personal injury varies – sometimes the injury may be physical, such as a car accident, while other times the injury is more abstract, such as when an individual is the subject of harmful rumors. When it comes to the matter of a personal injury lawsuit, one thing remains the same – that individual is the victim of wrongdoing at the hands of another, and the responsible party can be found at fault for carelessness, negligence, or outright maliciousness. In all of these cases, victims have legal recourse available to ensure they are given the fullest possible opportunity to recover after being subject to physical and emotional pain and damages.

Medical Malpractice
Cases of medical malpractice are particularly heinous, as we put great faith in our medical professionals. The layman has absolutely no ability to treat their own ailments, so it is incredibly dangerous when that trust is grossly violated by a negligent or unethical professional who has sworn an oath to do no harm. That being said, the unfortunate reality is doctors do perform work when they should not, or make decisions they knew they should not have made. These cases are also, understandably, among the most complex when it comes to establishing fault – so it’s incredibly important to contact us immediately so a strong case can be built from the very start, with no early mistakes jeopardize the possible success of the lawsuit.

Car Accident Cases
Car accident cases are regrettably among the most common. Society operates on a set of agreed laws that serve as mutual understandings between all the individuals functioning within it – when any one individual operates outside of those laws, innocent people are most often the first to be affected. Motor collisions are most commonly the result of intoxication, exhaustion, and outright carelessness. In most cases, the victims have absolutely no time to react or respond to the impending danger, despite taking all precautions and following all laws. In these instances, it is imperative the liable party is held financially liable for the consequences of their actions.

Slip and Fall Cases
Slip and fall cases are also among the most common, and can happen on personal properties or at established business sites. Property owners of any variety are obliged to keep their sites free of potential hazards, and in what anyone would consider reasonably safe condition. It is worth noting that not all cases where a fall occurs is the result of negligence on anyone’s part, and in cases where fault is not determined, a lawsuit is not justified.

Dog Bites
Dog bites can be slightly more complex. In many cases, a dog owner can and should be held accountable and financially liable should their animal bite another person. However in some cases, it can be shown that their actions were not negligent, or that they had no previous evidence that would have lead them to believe there was a risk of the dog biting. If a dog bite occurs, it’s important to contact us for legal counsel immediately to determine if a case is justified and ensure compensation is awarded.

Defamation: Slander and Libel
Unlike the previous categories of personal injury cases, defamation suits do not deal with physical injury, though emotional or professional injury can be every bit as devastating. If wrongful and untrue statements are made against an individual and their personal or professional reputation suffers as a result, that can easily lead to a loss of income, loss of social standing, and other very tangibly harmful consequences. In these circumstances, if the victim can demonstrate they were harmed in any way as the result of defamation, the accountable party will need to compensate them for the injuries caused.