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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Personal Injuries on Friday, March 8, 2019.
Legal Help For Brain Injury Patients

The brain is, in many ways, the essence of who we are as people. Although there is a metaphorical interpretation to be found in that sentiment, it is more important to recognize the literal accuracy and its medical implications. Damage to the brain is rarely a minor injury, though it certainly can be for the fortunate. However it is always important to take any accidents that may affect the brain extremely seriously, and seek medical attention immediately.


If a brain injury is sustained, the first and most important priority is always to focus on your health and recovery. The quicker medical professionals are alerted and able to begin treatment to the injury, the better chance there is for the best possible recovery. A brain injury can cause temporary or permanent functional damage to the brain, which can result in disorientation, emotional instability, impaired physical or mental abilities, coma, or even death. In order to avoid the worst case scenario for a particular injury, it is crucial to follow any and all instruction provided by your medical professional team. At this point in the recovery process, your focus should remain strictly with your recovery and the healing process, and avoid unnecessary anxiety or feelings of overwhelmedness. We understand trauma is never expected, and the disruptions and potential impact to your life can feel daunting – but our primary goal is always for you to make the best possible recovery.


Once the immediate questions of treatment have been accounted for, the reality of the financial obligations of medical treatment can then be addressed. Unfortunately, quality and intensive medical care is often not inexpensive, but the good news is much like your medical professional team is the expert on your physical health and well-being, our team of legal professionals are the experts on ensuring the accountability for the financial obligations of your recovery land firmly with the responsible party. There are many ways a person can sustain a brain injury, such as a motor vehicle accident, workplace incident, or another act of negligence or malice on the part of a third party. If you or a loved one believe that you have suffered a brain injury as the result of recklessness or malice on the part of another, we will advocate on your behalf so that you do not suffer any more than necessary as the result of their actions. If such has been the case for you, or someone you love, a personal injury lawsuit seeks to obtain compensation for:


  • Your pain and suffering
  • Any medical bills incurred
  • Other types of damage caused by the responsible party or parties


With proper care and treatment, the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury can look different for many individuals. Some make a full and complete recovery, while others may not be so fortunate. Regardless of your short-term needs, such as medications, procedures, or rehabilitation, or your long-term needs such as assistance, compensation for an inability to work, or any medical equipment needed to make your life as functional and convenient as possible – we will seek to account for all of this in any settlement we seek from the responsible party or parties who caused the brain injury. If you or a loved one has been affected by a brain injury, please reach out to our office so we can determine the viability of your case and seek justice and compensation for the harm that has come to you. We firmly believe the victim should not need to focus on the financial logistics of their recovery, so they can instead remain focused on building their best possible future.