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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Car Accident on Friday, May 4, 2018.
Near Miss for Pedestrians as Car Plows into Reno Bar

The Reno Police Department are investigating an incident on Friday May 4, in which a car mounted a curb and drove into a bar, narrowly avoiding several pedestrians. According to witness reports, the Mercedes ran a red light around 10pm on Friday, drove up onto the curb, and continued into the bar. Two pedestrians who were nearby were almost struck by the car, as the driver proceeded with no regard for safety. The car fled the scene before police arrived, and an investigation is ongoing, with no further details currently available.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Los Angeles

While, thankfully, it is not very often that a car, or other vehicle, drives into a building before fleeing the scene, car accidents are commonplace on Los Angeles roads. At Kristensen LLP, we have been handling personal injury cases relating to car accidents for years, and have represented countless clients just like you. If you have been injured in a Los Angeles car accident, and believe you are entitled to recover compensation, you need the guidance and support of an excellent lawyer.

There is a myriad of reasons why a Los Angeles car accident may occur, with some of the most common including:

  • Driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Distracted driving, most often related to driving while using a cellphone
  • Driving at excessive speed
  • Reckless or aggressive driving, also known as road rage
  • Disregarding the rules of the road, or ignoring signage
  • Running red lights
  • Poor road conditions
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Unsafe lane changes, perhaps due to carelessness on the part of the driver
  • Improper turns
  • Tail-gating, or driving dangerously close to the vehicle in front
  • Wrong-way driving
  • Driving while fatigued, particularly relevant in the case of long-distance truck drivers

However your car accident occurred, a Los Angeles attorney from Kristensen LLP can help you.

What to Do When You Are Involved in a Los Angeles Car Accident

To ensure that you are in a strong position to maximize the damages you can recover in respect of your injuries, our Los Angeles auto accident Los Angeles recommends that you follow these steps:

  • Call emergency services, and ensure that all injured parties receive medical attention. This includes you, even if your injuries do not appear to be serious
  • Move away from the vehicles involved in the car accident, as there is a risk they may combust or catch fire
  • Have the police write a report about your Los Angeles car accident, which you can later use in your claim
  • Avoid making any statements which may give the impression that you are admitting fault. In fact, it is best to avoid making any statement to anyone other than the police before seeking legal representation
  • Make notes of any details you feel may be relevant when your Los Angeles car accident attorney investigates the crash. Do not rely on your memory, as you may be surprised by how quickly you forget things. Take photographs of your injuries, damage to your car, and any skid marks on the road surface
  • Obtain the names, addresses, telephone numbers and license information of other motorists, and vehicle occupants, involved in the accident
  • Take the other driver’s insurance information

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you should always seek expert legal advice from a skilled Los Angeles car accident attorney.

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