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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Product Liability on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.
Kristensen LLP Has Filed Suit In Denver District Court After Traveler Loses Finger At Airport Bar

With 30 minutes to spare before boarding his plane at Denver International Airport, our client, Thomas Rader, went to Lefty’s Front Range Grille for a beverage. Mr. Rader attempted to scoot the barstool closer to the bar. As he sat down, the chair seat and frame pinched his right ring finger so badly that it went through the bone, amputating a significant portion of his finger. This traumatic event has not only caused obvious physical damages, but also undue stress, multiple surgeries, and a permanently maimed Mr. Rader.
Kristensen LLP has filed suit in Denver District Court on behalf of Thomas Rader for negligence and product liability against the owners of Lefty’s Front Range Grille and the chair manufacturers. Despite the obvious need for working security cameras in international airports, Left’s Front Range Grille and their corporate parent, Delaware North, claim there is no footage of the horrific incident that altered the course of Mr. Rader’s life. Additionally, for some unknown, preposterous reason, knowing that the chair would be a piece of evidence in a civil case, Lefty’s Front Range Grille did not adequately secure the chair. Such a failure to properly maintain and care for the barstools created dangerous conditions, which subsequently caused Mr. Rader’s disfigurement. The chair is believed to be manufactured by Commercial Furniture, who is also named as a defendant.
Colorado, unfortunately, has caps—or limits—on damages for pain and suffering. Kristensen LLP believes these ‘caps’ are unconstitutional. Nevertheless, these morbid ‘caps’ on damages don’t apply to this matter, due to the mutilation of Mr. Rader’s finger. While we will do our best to attain justice on Mr. Rader’s behalf, unfortunately, no amount of money will ever replace his finger.
If you—or anyone you know—has evidence of the incident at Lefty’s Front Range Grille at Denver International Airport, or you—or anyone you know—have incurred similar circumstances, please contact Kristensen LLP.