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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Truck Accident on Friday, January 26, 2018.
How a Trucking Accident Can Wreak Havoc in Los Angeles

Trucking accidents in Los Angeles can be witnessed every day. With thousands of commercial trucks passing through Los Angeles and California each day, nearly 8,000 trucking collisions occur in our city every year.
But some trucking accidents can be more serious than others. Accidents involving trucks and tankers typically result in much more devastating damage than a usual motor vehicle collision.

That’s because of the monstrous size of these vehicles and the increased risk of leaked fuel and other combustibles that may lead to explosions and fires at the scene of a truck accident.

Dangers of truck accidents

One such trucking accident wreaked havoc in Los Angeles earlier this month. California Highway Patrol had to stop traffic in both directions on Highway 198 on Friday morning when a propane-leaking tanker overturned after a collision.

First responders were immediately called in to shut down traffic on the highway and minimize the risk of propane leakage, which, if not contained, could lead to catastrophic consequences.

Luckily for emergency personnel and all Los Angeles residents on the highway that morning, an emergency valve in the propane tanker kicked in and helped contain the leakage.

Our Los Angeles trucking accident attorney at Kristensen LLP also argues that the cooler damp weather that morning also helped contain the propane leak and prevent devastating damage to all nearby vehicles, drivers, pedestrians and property. The tanker overturned after it collided with a car.

Causes of trucking accidents in Los Angeles

In order to determine liability in a motor vehicle accident involving a truck or tanker, it’s essential to understand that there may be several causes that contributed to the trucking collision.

Our best trucking accident attorneys in Los Angeles have outlined the most common causes of trucking collisions in our city and all across California:

Drunk driving: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not unheard of among truck drivers in the U.S. But you probably know this from Hollywood movies anyway…

Inadequate training: this may sound surprising, but there are many truck drivers in California who don’t receive proper training from their trucking companies. Most trucking companies are looking for cheap workforce, which means they are willing to cut corners.

Bizarre schedules: some trucking companies in Los Angeles just don’t treat their drivers as humans, and set unrealistic schedules that leave no time for sleep…

Drowsy driving: sleepy and fatigued truck drivers falling asleep behind the wheel on the highways in Los Angeles is some of the most common causes of trucking accidents. There are actually federal and state regulation limits as to how many hours per day a truck driver can operate without sleeping.

Unsecured cargo or cargo overload: trucking companies also fail to secure cargo properly, which may lead to loose cargo. Also, it’s not uncommon for trucking companies to put improperly loaded trucks on the highways of Los Angeles. This, in turn, can lead to trucking accidents, catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

Distracted driving: checking a cell phone, eating or drinking while operating a truck is also a common cause of motor vehicle accidents involving trucks.
Poor road conditions: some roads in Los Angeles are improperly maintained, which creates increased risks for heavy trucks passing through these roads, as truck drivers are more likely to lose control of the vehicle.

Hiring a trucking accident attorney in Los Angeles is highly recommended to maximize the value of your claim. There may be several liable parties at fault for the trucking accident, which means the cost of your claim could increase.

Don’t speak to trucking companies or insurance companies after the collision prior to speaking to an experienced truck accident lawyer. Only a skilled lawyer from Kristensen LLP is on your side and knows exactly how much can be recovered for your injuries and damages.

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