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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Class Action Attorney on Friday, January 12, 2018.
After All the Class Action Lawsuits Apple Finally Responds

There’s always been a suspicion around the battery life on Apple iPhones, with conspiracy theories galore centering on the built-in obsolescence of the device. Bloggers, tech magazines, and regular iPhone users have speculated for years about their device getting slower and less reliable as it gets older and, after ten years of iPhone and at least ten class action lawsuits, Apple has finally confirmed that they do, indeed, slow down older models.

How Apple Slowed-Down Older iPhones

Following on from our earlier blog about the iPhone battery issues, an announcement from Apple about releasing software updates to smooth out the power usage on older phones, preventing them from overloading and shutting down abruptly was made.

As these updates meant that apps, and the iPhone in general, slowed down noticeably, those users involved in the class action lawsuits claim that Apple’s silence meant they felt forced to buy the newer and, of course, more costly models when, in fact, all they needed was a significantly less expensive new battery. Some of the customers involved have gone so far as to say they consider this to be fraud on Apple’s part, as the company could have been honest about the possible fix.

In response to the allegations, Apple will sell replacement batteries for iPhone 6 and newer models for $29 throughout 2018. This represents a $50 saving on the regular price of a new iPhone battery. A software update enabling users to identify if their battery is causing issues will also be released.

With iPhone accounting for over half of Apple’s total revenue, it’s no surprise that a remedy has been found and steps are being taken to appease disgruntled users.

What Does a Class Action Mean?

A class action occurs when a large group of people comes together to file a lawsuit against a specific company, individual or entity. Given the massive customer base attracted by Apple’s iPhones and similar devices, the company could potentially face numerous class actions from customers around the world. There may be different aspects to each of the class action lawsuits, particularly as the law in Los Angeles may be different from another US state, never mind a country at the other side of the globe. That said, this battery issue is likely to be at the core of class actions for some time yet.

Although Apple has apologized for their actions and announced remedies, it’s hard to say just yet whether it will be found that this was done deliberately to sell newer iPhones.

How Can a Los Angeles Class Action Attorney Help?

A class action attorney is highly-skilled at dealing with lawsuits involving many people and can work with you to achieve the best possible result.

If you’ve been affected by this issue or purchased another defective product, the legal team at Kristensen LLP could use their tried and tested aggressive and comprehensive techniques to protect your best interests.

Contact their Los Angeles-based class action attorneys today to find out how you could proceed.