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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Product Liability on Friday, December 8, 2017.
Who Is Liable for Product Liability? You Wouldn’t Believe That You Can Sue THEM ALL!

It’s no secret that product liability lawsuits bring the most costly personal injury jury awards in the U.S.

With the number of product liability complaints climbing upwards every year – and nearly every item in our possession being at high risk of exploding, catching fire or causing us injuries otherwise – it’s essential to stay up to date about product liability laws in Los Angeles.

Fact: the median and average personal injury jury awards in product liability cases exceed all other types of liability, including medical malpractice and business negligence.

Here at the Law Offices of Kristensen LLP, our product liability attorneys receive questions such as “Who can be liable for product liability?” way too often, which is why we decided to spell out who you can hold accountable and seek compensation from for exposing you to unsafe and dangerous products.

Under federal and state laws in Los Angeles, you can hold several parties accountable for your injuries, damages and losses caused by a defective product.

In fact, pursuing legal action against all of the parties liable for manufacturing, distributing and selling a defective product increases your chances of obtaining maximum compensation.

Who is liable for product liability in Los Angeles?

Here is the list of the parties that can be held liable for product liability in the chain of distribution:

  1. the main manufacturer and manufacturer (s) of components and parts
  2. the party responsible for the assembly and installment of the product
  3. wholesaler
  4. retail store that sold the product in question.

Under product liability laws in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California, plaintiffs are only required to prove that they were injured while using a defective product and that the product was faulty when it left the possession of the manufacturer or retailer.

In most product liability verdicts and settlements in Los Angeles, judges and juries rely on the doctrine of strict liability, which can be imposed in case of manufacturing defects, design defects or inadequate warning and instruction.

Parties to sue for defective products

While you may pursue a product liability claim against any party responsible for manufacturing, distributing and selling the faulty product, suing all the parties maximizes your chances of monetary recovery for your injuries and damages:

Manufacturers. When suing manufacturers, seek the legal advice of a Los Angeles product liability attorney to determine who would be liable in your particular case: besides taking legal action against the company that made the product, you would also need to sue quality control engineers, consultants, parts suppliers and other parties responsible for making, designing and labeling the defective product.

Distributors. Usually, several companies perform the duties of distributing products and getting the product from the manufacturer to the wholesaler. Although in most product liability cases it isn’t distributors’ fault that the product is defective, they can be sued simply because they are part of the supply chain.

Retailers. Although wholesalers and retailers don’t make products dangerous in most cases, they can be held liable for selling dangerous products.

All the parties of the supply chain can be named as defendants in a product liability claim, and the plaintiff will obtain compensation from all the parties or some of the parties to satisfy his/her claim.

It’s essential to be legally represented by a product liability attorney to recover the maximum compensation that you deserve. Only an experienced product liability lawyer at the Law Offices of Kristensen LLP can determine the full value of your damages in your best interests.

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