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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Defective Products on Thursday, December 28, 2017.
What if Your Holiday Gift is a Defective Product? A Not-So-Embarrassing Way to Return It

Have you finished your holiday shopping or are you in the middle of your Christmas checklist? Christmas preparations can get rather hectic, but make sure they don’t turn into a disaster for you and loved ones on your holiday gift-giving list.

Before you begin giving out holiday gifts, be warned that some of the products you purchased may be defective.
There’s nothing more embarrassing and disturbing that giving someone a gift that ends up injuring them – or they tear into their gifts, and they are defective (and you didn’t even bother to check before wrapping your Christmas gifts!).

Or imagine this: your family members or friends give you a Christmas gift that is, in fact, a defective product? How do you return a Christmas gift?

In these cases, you may be entitled to monetary compensation under product liability laws in Los Angeles, our defective product attorneys at Law Offices of Kristensen LLP say.

Why are so many Christmas gifts are defective products?

After the outbreak of gifts and discount sales around Thanks giving and Black Friday, Los Angeles – and the rest of the nation, for that matter – is being swept by a wave of gift-giving frenzy to prepare for the holiday season.

Manufacturers speed up their manufacturing to produce just the right amount of products to satisfy the Christmas shopping craze. And in many cases, they end up compromising the quality of their products, and fail to check manufactured goods for potential hazards or manufacturing defects.

And that’s how millions of Americans end up getting defective and faulty Christmas gifts – and wondering, “Okay Google, how do I return all these defective products?” Sure, you’ve dreamt about that smartphone or remote control drone for years now, but what if it’s non-operational?

Fact: over 20% of returns happen during the holiday season every year – that’s about $60 billion in merchandise costs.

Our best defective product lawyers in Los Angeles advise all people to check their gifts before giving them to their loved ones, and think twice about their Christmas gift ideas to prevent giving presents that may get damaged during chaotic holiday preparations, kids running around the house and knocking them over and inpatient guests tearing into their gifts.

Who can be held liable for defective products / Christmas gifts?

However, if you have done your best to prevent giving defective products for Christmas, and yet some of them end up being faulty and damaged, California product liability laws may apply in your case.

Under California state laws, you can file a product liability lawsuit against several parties to hold them accountable for your injuries, damages and losses caused by a faulty product.

Our best defective product lawyers in Los Angeles explain that filing a product liability claim against several parties responsible for manufacturing, distributing and selling the defective product may maximize your monetary compensation.

In Los Angeles and elsewhere in California, you can pursue legal action for product liability against the following parties:

  • Manufacturer (which labels the product);
  • Manufacturer(s) of components;
  • Parties who assembled the product;
  • Distributors;
  • Retailer who sold the defective product.

NOTE, however, that your defective product attorney will have to fine evidence and prove that the product was defective prior to its release or sale (and that you – the consumer – used the product in a reasonably foreseeable way).

Consult our attorneys at Law Offices of Kristensen LLP to find out more about your consumer rights and know your best legal options when it comes to returning Christmas gifts and pursing damages for defective products.
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