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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Class Action Attorney on Friday, December 22, 2017.
Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Slower Functioning Older iPhones

Technology is advancing at rapid speed. Although it is designed to make our lives easier and better, many i-Phone owners would argue it is doing the opposite. Apple recently admitted it has intentionally slowed down the operating system of its older i-Phones. Although the company, claims it was not done to force customers to upgrade to its latest phones, many frustrated customers have had enough. In the past week, two class action lawsuits have been filed against the computer giant. The latest suit described Apple’s business practices as “deceptive, immoral and unethical.”

Details of the Class Action Lawsuits

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, five customers from North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio have filed the latest class action lawsuit against Apple. The plaintiffs accused the company of intentionally engineering iOS updates to slow down the operating speeds of its older phones, including the iPhone5, iPhone6 and iPhone7. Stefan Bogdanovich filed the original class action lawsuit in Los Angeles. He accuses the company of intentionally trying to harm its customers who refused to upgrade from the iPhone7 to its newer models.

Why Apple iPhones Slow Down

Apple has yet to comment specifically on either of the lawsuits. However, the company has admitted to slowing down phones as part of its new power-management feature.  Over the years, i-Phone users have complained about their phones slowing down. In most cases, performance returned to normal by changing the battery.

What Are Class Action Lawsuits?

A class action lawsuit is when a large group of people come together to take legal action against another person, company or entity. Among the most common types involve product liability. As one of the world’s largest companies with millions of consumers around the world, Apple is likely to face even more class action lawsuits. There are many different aspects to these cases. But ultimately, it is up to the plaintiffs to provide the burden of proof that Apple intentionally slowed down its older phones to force consumers to purchase it newer models. Although it is yet to be seen how this case will be decided, it will not be easy to prove.

How A Los Angeles Class Action Attorney Can Help

Class action attorneys are highly skilled legal professionals trained to handle a broad range of disputes, including defective products, employment law violations and or other events that adversely affect a group of people. When you have purchased a product, you expect to receive the best possible quality. But when the same problem happens to a large group of people, it is vital to choose an experienced and knowledgeable team of Los Angeles class action attorneys with a track record or protecting the rights of clients and looking after their best interests. Over the years, the legal team at Kristensen LLP have utilized an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help place each client in the best position to succeed. From the time a client visits their Los Angeles law office for their free initial consultation,their attorneys and legal staff take the time address all of your questions or concerns. If you have been harmed or have purchased a defective product, contact their team of attorneys in Los Angeles today.