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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Employment Law -- Employee on Thursday, November 2, 2017.
Why California’s Healthcare Workers Have the Most Dangerous Jobs

We all count on our doctors, nurses and medical technicians to provide the best quality of care when we are injured or sick. Although medical workers generally make comfortable incomes, they may be working the most dangerous jobs in California. Each day, healthcare workers are not only saving lives, they often perform their jobs under the most stressful and sometimes hazardous conditions. But what happens when doctors and nurses are injured on the job?

Common Injuries Suffered by Healthcare Workers

It is a scary statistic. Each year approximately 654,000 healthcare professionals are injured on the job. Even more shocking, nearly 385,000 are struck by needles, forcing them to undergo HIV treatments. Other common types of injuries include:

  • Back injuries from lifting patients
  • Slip and falls from slick hospital floors
  • Exposure to pathogens and blood
  • Workplace violence from untruly patients and co-workers

Do You Understand Your Workers’ Compensation Rights?

Healthcare workers are no different than people in most professions. Many must work long hours to meet the challenging demands of their profession. Although many doctors and nurses believe workers’ compensation pays some limited medical bills, that is not always the case. All California employers must provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits for their employees, including doctors offices, hospitals, doctors offices along with other healthcare companies and facilities. Doctors, nurses and medical professionals who suffer injuries on the job or contract debilitating illnesses are eligible to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits may pay for a variety of things. If you are injured or learn that you have developed a work-related illness or disease, you must notify your employer immediately. You can then submit a claim with your employer for workers’ compensation.

How Workers’ Compensation Functions?

Workers’ compensation benefits pay for all of your related medical costs. This includes the cost of your medical test, doctor’s appointments, physical rehabilitation and prescription medications. Any expense that you have because of your injury condition is covered, and you will not have to use your own medical insurance or pay copays. In addition to your medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, California law provides temporary disability benefits to workers who are temporarily unable to return to work while they recover. If the workers are totally or partially permanently disabled, they may also recover permanent disability benefits. A number of benefits that you might receive will depend on your disability rating. If you disagree with your rating, you are able to challenge it. Some insurance providers may dispute that workers are permanently disabled, necessitating litigation before administrative hearing officers. If a third party has committed some type of negligent or wrongful act, the injured worker may also have a claim for personal injury. Examples of third parties include patients, manufacturers of faulty medical equipment, or third party vendors or suppliers.

Have You Been Injured On the Job Due to the Negligence of Others? The Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys at Kristensen Can Help

Everybody deserves to work in a safe environment. Unfortunately, many employees are injured due to the negligence of others. The personal injury attorneys at Kristensen LLP are committed to protecting the rights of accident victims by utilizing a personable and comprehensive approach. It is part of their commitment to place each client in the best position to succeed. To learn more, contact their Los Angeles law office today and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.