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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Car Accident on Monday, October 16, 2017.
What Are The Most Dangerous Freeways in Los Angeles?

It does not take a genius to know Los Angeles is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States for car accidents. But did you know nearly half of the most dangerous freeways and intersections in California are in LA? A recent study conducted by a Los Angeles personal injury law firm confirmed the city has 221 of the 444 most dangerous intersections in state. But that’s only part of the problem. The amount of freeway fatalities in LA continues to skyrocket, including the staggering growth of truck accidents. Consider this sobering statistic. Just one freeway interchange is expected to see an increase of 26,000 truck accidents a year to 44,000 by the year 2035. But which freeways are the most dangerous?

Death Road

One of the most notorious freeways for car accidents in Los Angeles is Highway 138, also known by many motorists as “Death Road”. Over the years, its reputation has been well earned. Running from Interstate 15 to Palmdale, Highway 138 has been the site of 60 fatalities and 875 injuries over the last 20 years. What makes this highway particularly dangerous is its two narrow lanes. To help improve safety conditions, the city has added new renovations to Highway 138 by widening the lanes and adding extra warning signs and sight lines.

Interstate 710

Sometimes the most dangerous roads in Los Angeles are the shortest. Interstate 710 stretches only 20 miles across the Los Angeles metropolitan area. But it has a reputation for claiming more lives than most freeways that are much longer. Consider these scary statistics from 2013. Back then, Interstate 710 was the site of 7 accidents, resulting in 8 fatalities. It is no wonder the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration named it as one of the top ten most dangerous highways in the United States.

Why Are Car Accidents Increasing in Los Angeles?

As technology continues to advance, today’s cars and trucks have better safety features. But that has not reduced the number of accident injuries and fatalities in Los Angeles. In fact, it has only gotten worse. There are several factors that come into play. While the population of Southern California continues to increase, not enough money is put into city’s roadways and infrastructure. Los Angeles is a city with many issues, such as immigration, rising energy costs and drought. Often the city’s budget goes into fixing other problems rather than addressing our decaying roads.

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