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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Gender Discrimination on Saturday, September 30, 2017.
Former Female Employees Sue Google on Gender Discrimination

Google has always been well renowned for their unique work environment and is on the Fortune 100 Best Places to work list ranking number one. This would have you believe that they had all employment issues figured out. However, for three former female employees, this does not seem to be the case. The former employees have filed a lawsuit against Google alleging that the company participated in pervasive pay and promotion discrimination towards female employees. They have hired a Los Angeles workplace discrimination attorney.

Workplace Discrimination

The lawsuit claims that men were often paid more than women for equal work. Women were offered lower paying jobs and were rarely promoted when they were in similar positions as other men. One plaintiff, who is a software engineer and been working in the field for over ten years was assigned to a position commonly assigned to college graduates. Around the same time she was hired another engineer was hired for a higher paying level. He was a recent college grad and a male. Her first promotion came almost four years later and by that time her male counterparts had been promoted several times making the wage gap even larger. The other two plaintiffs have similar stories.

Google Answers

Upon filing the lawsuit in a state court, they have asked to judge to certify it as a class action lawsuit. This would allow others to join in and would mean major changes for the company. So far, Google has responded by simply denying the claims and not offering any other information. The lawsuit references a 2015 Department of Labor analysis that showed great disparities with women in the workforce. Google indicated it conducted its own study that showed there was no pay gap. They also added that promotions are determined through various hiring and promotions committees and that they work to fix any possible problems or discrepancies in gender pay gaps.

How a Los Angeles Workplace Discrimination Attorney Can Help

More and more women in tech are speaking out about gender discrimination in the workplace. The attorneys at Kristensen LLP hate bullies and inequality. We will fight big companies like Google to protect your rights to equal pay. Any form of discrimination in the workplace is illegal and no one should be treated unfairly for things they cannot change like their gender. There should always be equal pay for equal work and promotions for women should not be harder or take longer. Big companies use their reputation and resources to get away with discrimination, thinking that employees will never fight back. They are wrong, we hate bullies and our Los Angeles workplace discrimination attorneys will use everything we have to fight for you and protect you. We can only fight for you if you contact our office for an initial consultation.We will discuss your case and come up with a plan of action that will place you in the best position to succeed.