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By John Kristensen of Kristensen, LLP posted in Title IX and Sexual Assault/Harassment on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.
Kristensen Leads the Way in Title IX Prosecutions – Cabrillo College

Kristensen LLP’s specialized focus in Title IX cases and the prosecution of campus sexual harassment continued recently with our filing against Cabrillo College. Having previously obtained the largest Title IX settlement ever in a separate case against UC Santa Cruz, our firm is proud to be a leader in this crucially important area of the law.

While the identities of our clients may vary from case to case, the patterns of abuse are often quite familiar. Sadly, the harassing behavior itself is often only the beginning of the problem. We continue to see cases where abuse is systemically “baked in” to campus environments. Students are ignored or dismissed when they speak up with complaints. Guidance is lacking and protocols are vague if they exist at all. Title IX compliance is weak to nonexistent.

When we prosecute these cases, we are not just going after the abusers themselves. We are going up against entire systems that protect them, that make their continued presence possible. In so doing, we hope not just to get rid of one bad apple but rather to root out sexual harassment at its source.

During her time as a student and teacher’s aide at Cabrillo, our current client alleges that she suffered a range of harassing behaviors at the hands of a man who has taught math at the school for decades. When she filed a grievance she ran into obstacles reflecting the extreme negligence of the school’s administration.

Bottom line: Cabrillo College was not complying with Title IX, a law forbidding gender discrimination in any educational program receiving federal funds. The school had neglected to meet numerous obligations under the law, including the establishment of a designated Title IX coordinator on staff. The case is currently pending in the Northern District of California. Kristensen LLP is proceeding with discovery and getting the case ready for trial. After six trials in the last 12 months and four to five coming up before the end of 2017, we are ready.

Kristensen LLP won a record-breaking $1.15 million settlement in our Title IX case against UC Santa Cruz.

There are many takeaways here, but here’s one of the most important ones: as awful and depressingly prevalent as campus harassment can be, YOU, the victim, ARE NOT ALONE.

Not anymore.

Courageous young people like Luz Portillo and our current client in the Cabrillo case are stepping forward to confront systemic abuse.

At Kristensen LLP we are proud to stand with them, and with you, to disrupt these systems, bring them into compliance with the law, and pave the way for the type of safe campus environments that students expect and deserve.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has been subjected to campus sexual harassment, please contact us right now at 310-984-1297 for a FREE CONSULTATION. Or you may fill out an intake form at our contact page.

If you know anything about other claims against Cabrillo College or defendant Alex Taurke, please let us know.