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Los Angeles child abuse criminal defense Attorney help you to analyze the circumstances surrounding your child abuse case and ensure your legal rights are fully protected during these trying times.
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Los Angeles child abuse criminal defense lawyer

Child abuse is a serious criminal accusation that may ruin anybody’s reputation. There are cases where children are illegally mistreated that require the legal expertise of a well-versed advocate in order to fight these charges successfully. At Kristensen Weisberg, LLP our Los Angeles child abuse criminal defense lawyers understand the severity of these complex cases and how disappointing the charges you face can be.

Child abuse or child maltreatment can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Whether through physical, psychological or sexual abuse, it may be charged  as a misdemeanor or a felony,  based on the circumstances and criminal history of the defendant. A first time misdemeanor offense will carry a sentence of one year in jail while a felony may carry up to six years in prison. Repeat offenders will face longer and stricter sentences.

Our defense in los Angeles

Child abuse can also have other consequences such as losing the custody of your children. Our Los Angeles child abuse criminal defense lawyers can analyze the circumstances surrounding your child abuse case and ensure your legal rights are fully protected during these trying times. Some strategies we use to shield our clients from criminal liability include:

  • Proving the allegations are false or wrong
  • Demonstrating the injuries may have been caused by something or someone else’s actions
  • Explaining that you acted within your rights when you disciplined your child
  • Your child was not injured intentionally
  • You are not financially stable to take care for your children

Types of child abuse

Child abuse can happen anywhere and the convictions for this crime can vary, depending on the category of abuse your case may involve. Suspicion of child abuse in schools and at the workplace are generally required to be reported, which may increase the chance of false accusations. For example, if a child is injured as a result of a fall, some school teachers or neighbors may believe it was an abusive parent that hurt the child. If your kids arrived at school with bruises, and wearing dirty clothes, the teacher may report it as physical abuse. Some specific circumstances can lead to criminal charges of child abuse, even when you are innocent and there is not enough evidence to support the false accusations.

You may lose your children if convicted

You can lose the custody of your children as well as visitation rights when convicted of child abuse. This is why it is essential to seek expert legal advice and getting involved earlier on when facing the false accusations occur. These are complex legal matters that may escalate to a serious legal level that may damage your reputation and your future. Once your children are removed, it is very hard to get them back.

Protect your rights and your future with our expertise

At Kristensen Weisberg, we believe every client is innocent until proven guilty. Our attorneys are fully equipped to have the charges against you dropped. We will use every legal means possible to defend you against false accusations, and help you reduce your charges as well as negotiating on your behalf at trial. Reach out to us and schedule your initial case evaluation with a Los Angeles child abuse criminal defense lawyer.