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Car accidents, trucking accidents, assault, trip-and-fall, wrongful death and more.


Dangerous and defective automobiles, airplanes, helicopters, Polaris UTVs, batteries, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and more.


Police misconduct, police brutality, excessive force, false arrest, foster care abuse and more.


Discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation and more.

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Protecting consumers in cases involving robo calls, automobile recalls, banking and more.


Sexual harassment, Title IX and more.

Leading Sex Offenses Law Firm In Los Angeles

Our firm seeks to champion those who feel without options, and represent their interests so they can look forward to a brighter future.

All crime is violating, but sexual crimes are an especially vicious breed. There are a number of situations in which one can find themselves exposed and violated in the most vulnerable of ways. When this happens, justice can feel second-place to reclaiming one’s sense of self – and both can feel impossibly out of grasp.


New advances in technology create new opportunities for crime, and cell phone technology has brought sex crimes to people with greater access than ever before. Virtual sex crimes preclude the need for both parties to be physically present, so they can be even more difficult to comprehend due to their abstract nature. No matter the experience, we are here to defend those who have suffered, regardless of the medium.


Crimes against children are some of the most difficult, but sex crimes are heinous and incomprehensible. There is not much worse than dealing with the aftermath of such a crime, but we are here to guide anyone in need through the process, fight against those who brought the need upon them, and begin the process of moving forward.


Abuse comes in all forms, and sexual abuse is among the most personally violating. When someone suffers sexual abuse, whether at the hands of a stranger or someone known, we are here to restore their sense of identity and see justice served to those who seek to harm others.


Legally, Title IX offers some of the most important legal - and personal - protections that need to be offered, however those protections are often insufficient and lead to the violation of those that need it most. Our firm is here to stand up for those who have been failed by the legal system.


Harassment can happen in many forms and for many reasons. No matter how it’s presented - whether for gain, falsely justified, or any number of situations - it is wrong and it demands justice. We are here to serve those who have suffered at the hands of others to help them face those who wronged them.