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Personal Injury

Property owners must assure their grounds remain reasonably safe from hazards that may injure patrons or those paying rent. Individuals that suffer harm stemming from property owner negligence may be entitled to significant financial rewards based on the injuries sustained and financial losses accrued. California’s strict stance on premises liability laws leaves property owners no room for excuses.

Kristensen LLP stands behind victims who were needlessly injured because buildings were unsafe, floors were shoddy at best, or faulty electric wiring caused a structure fire. Our well-respected Los Angeles premises liability attorney is exemplary at litigating premises liability injuries, even with a much tougher standard of proof to go up against. Injured parties may be entitled to compensation, and negligent parties may be assessed punitive damages.

Laws Protect People on Properties

City ordinances and California state laws protect patrons and others who frequent hotels, restaurants, live in condos and apartments, or have any worthwhile purpose for existing on someone’s property. Common areas are to be kept free of clutter and have safe walkways. Structural integrity should be in accordance with building inspector’s expectations. Many times, property owners are lax due to expense issues.

Serious injuries, even deaths, happen when buildings collapse, walkways are too slick, and stairwells aren’t properly cared for. It’s the responsibility of Kristensen LLP to hold owners accountable for actions preventable with extra caution and care. Responsibility, breach of responsibilities, injuries happening, and financial damages occurred are four elements our will need to prove beyond doubt.

Once evidence surfaces to substantiate claims brought by victims, we’ll construct our doubt-free case which will get placed before defendant and their attorney to attempt settlement. Should these negotiations fail, our team will quickly file claims with Los Angeles County court where the victim’s chances of vindication will increase once the jury hears how property owner’s negligent caused you harm, or your loved one’s death.

Slips and falls are undoubtedly more common in premise liability cases, although hazardous buildings not properly cared for cause equally devastating physical pain. Regardless how personal injury occurred, you’re entitled to financial relief for whatever emotional, physical and monetary damage resulted from negligence.

Premises liabilities are serious. Don’t compromise on representation, because your claim’s success is determined by the effort, intelligence and litigation skills your attorney can exhibit.

Trust Our Experience. You’ll Be Glad You Did.

Kristensen LLP take pride in effective representation. Unwavering supporting client needs for decades, the health and safety of our clients is as important as the financial rewards we’re able to secure for them. With millions in successfully won claims over the years, we’re confident in our ability to successfully undertake your case. We back our confidence with our “no win, no pay” promise.

If any premises injury forced you away from work, has imposed unneeded financial stress and you want compensated for these aggrievances, contact our Los Angeles premises liability attorney today.

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