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Personal Injury

Motorcycle wrecks leave devastation in their wage. Injuries or deaths occur, insurance companies are incorrigible, police reports sometimes misconstrue what really happened, and nothing stays the same. Lives are changed forever, in fact. Survivors are left picking up the pieces of an otherwise perfect life. From this point forward, the Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney you hire must fight for you.

There’s no substitution for effective assistance of counsel. Kristensen LLP is regarded by many as motorcycle attorneys who navigate laws and negotiate settlements with excellence. Our firm accepts nothing less than flawless representation of motorcycle accident clients and work hard to exceed client expectations. Simple errors like misunderstanding accident reports could be disastrous, so make sure you’re retaining competent counsel.

Protecting the Interests of Motorcyclists

Simple clerical errors on police reports, such as writing down 40 mph when speed limit was only 35, could diminish claims to nothing. Incorrectly identifying position of motorcycle when it was hit by vehicle could be another costly error. Given our vast experience in accident recreation, we’ll know whether police reports were written purposely to enrich the insurer or miswritten out of honest error.

Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney understands how motorcycling works. Knowledge of motorcycle operation and California laws regarding right of way make cases much easier to litigate. For injured motorcycle riders interested in being hands-on with their claim, our firm can walk you through the claims process and keep you abreast of claim as it works its way through the system.

Compensation, if awarded, will take into account motorcycle repairs or replacement, medical bills, loss of income, short-term disability needs, child care expenses (if applicable) and pain and suffering. We want injured persons, or loved ones of decedents, to begin healing quicker so some semblance of normalcy can be achieved. Negligent parties should never get away with injuring motorcyclists, so Kristensen LLP works harder so you can recover from this nightmare.

Because motorcycle accidents have the highest rate of death when comparing all personal injury types, you shouldn’t skimp on legal representation because your livelihood relies on favorably settled claims.

Let Us Help You Ride Again

Since California stays reasonably mild year-round, many motorcycle owners own nothing but their two-wheeled beasts. Once they’ve been victimized by an oncoming car, they’re not only out of work, but must stop riding until another bike can be purchased. It’s truly debilitating to diehard riders to have their motorcycle wrecked beyond repair without funds to purchase another.

Retaining our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney will immediately put pressure on insurers to offer more respectable settlement terms. You’re under no obligation to take the pittance offered by defendant’s insurance company, and don’t have to talk with adjuster if you feel they’re attempting to trick you into implicating yourself as wrongdoer instead of victim.

Injured, but haven’t retained counsel? Kristensen LLP offers unparalleled representation to victims like yourself. Our consultation is free, and until we’ve secured the settlement you deserve, you pay nothing. Call today.