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Personal Injury

Accidents involving one or more motor vehicles across America happen once every four minutes. In a growing number of cases, victims don’t walk away. Negligence causes bad accidents to good people, many of these and negligent actions completely avoidable with simple correction. Plaintiffs bring claims against negligent drivers not only to recover money, but to raise awareness within the community.

Kristensen LLP brings years of representation with the level of uncompromised quality car accident victims expect. The firm features a hard-hitting Los Angeles motor vehicle accident attorney dedicated to litigating unjustifiable negligence which causes serious injury or death in vehicle accidents. Clients are prioritized over our bottom line, because we know your accident has left you financially and physically broken.

We Bring Careless Drivers to Justice Every Day

Most clients aren’t concerned with details surrounding their collision; they only care that happened, and somebody needs to pay. Some victims were on the way to work, some were driving their children to various sporting events around Los Angeles, while many others were simply passing through Los Angeles County. Negligent drivers don’t pick and choose who gets sideswiped; it merely takes a moment of distraction to turn an otherwise eventless commute into an unforgettable tragedy.

You’re probably aware how car accidents are settled. However, did you know that a recent Insurance Research Council study discovered unrepresented victims receive 3 ½ times less compensation than if they were represented by an attorney? Kristensen LLP put a great deal of time and effort into every car accident claim their retained to handle, positioning victims more favorably when it’s time to negotiate with insurers.

Los Angeles motor vehicle accident attorney assistance can also alleviate mediocre settlements offered by insurers directly to victims, which are often significantly less the total losses incurred. Our firm brings at-fault drivers and their insurers to justice every day, with or without the assistance of our legal system. Putting your faith and trust in the Kristensen LLP will benefit victims like you when it’s time to litigate your case.

We Pressure Insurers to Pay Fairly

Drivers are going to get mistreated by the adjuster, too. It’s the insurance adjuster’s job protect its company’s bank account by whatever means necessary, even if that includes cheating victims like you out of money you’re rightfully owed. It happens every day, my friends.

Our firm effectively negotiates compensation based on the physical and economic damages victim sustained and are expected to sustain in the future. We consider your current occupation, whether you have children, the cost of medical care you’ll need to improve your condition, and the psychological damages which this accident caused. We take this entire package of needs to the negotiation table and work out a figure that would benefit you – not them.

If you’re a surviving loved one of someone killed in their vehicle, or have been badly injured, contact a Los Angeles motor vehicle accident attorney at Kristensen LLP today. Consultations cost nothing, and our services are based on “no win, no payment” rules established by our firm.