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Pet owners in California must take reasonable precautions in protecting the general public from animals that may be from hostile breeds. Furthermore, proper restraints such as fencing, or tie-outs, may be required in certain areas of California to prevent unnecessary attacks. Sometimes pet owners forget the powerful nature of their dogs, and when they get loose, they attack and seriously injured someone walking down the road.

Individuals who were senselessly injured by dogs may be entitled to compensation. The Los Angeles dog attack attorney known for effectively negotiating settlements comes from Kristensen LLP. As dog attacks fall under premises liability law, our firm will utilize similar rules of engagement when dealing with property owners and their home insurance company, if applicable.

Dogs Attack Regardless of Breed

Part of canine genetics is their ability to adapt to humans and call them their own. Even the docile breeds, like poodles and basset hounds, are territorial. If pets feel another human could impede on their personal space or threaten their owner, they’ll find some way to attack. Pet owners must recognize the demeanor of their pets, learn to restrain them properly, and shield outsiders passing by from their aggressive pets.

Once an attack has happened, one of several things will happen. Property owners may try and ‘haggle’ an undisclosed settlement with victims so their insurance doesn’t get nailed, or victims will phone police and report the incident and get animal control involved, if necessary. Our Los Angeles premises liability attorney suggests one never deal directly with homeowners, as settlements could be pennies on the dollar, and you’ll probably never see one penny if your agreement is based on ‘a handshake and a smile’.

You should always document everything with appropriate agencies because that paper trail helps prove your case has validity. Witnesses willing to corroborate your story should be noted, too, and contact information should be shared. Anything your attorney can use to build your case will never hurt your cause.

Dog attacks have serious, sometimes deadly, implications. As approximately 4.7 million Americans are attacked annually by dogs, not enough is being done to properly train and restrain animals that may detriment another human’s health.

Our Firm Bites Back, Except Harder

Kristensen LLP handles dog bite claims rather often. Our process, from beginning to end, is meticulous simply because strong cases need stronger advocacy to substantiate. Facts won’t present themselves; hours of evidence collection and preservation goes into all cases regardless of complexity simply because losing isn’t an option.

Victims deserve effort, and our Los Angeles premises liability attorney provides an overabundance of it. We’ll talk with police, home insurers, discuss settlements with pet owner if need be or file cases in court. Our elevated level of customer service speaks volumes about where our attorney’s hearts reside.

Bitten by surprise, and don’t know your options? Contact our firm today for an evaluation of your dog attack claim free of charge. Retain us, you’ll not fork over one penny until we’ve settled your claim favorably.