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Aviation Accidents

Aviation accident law encompasses a wide range of categories, each of which presents a unique set of challenges. Commercial airline accidents are increasingly rare, but when they occur, the results are often catastrophic on both the personal and mass scales. Accidents among small planes and helicopters are much more common, reaching epidemic numbers in recent years. Rising crash rates among private jets and air ambulances have been particularly troubling over the last decade. Aviation accident law even extends to mishaps, such as luggage falling on passengers, objects flying around the cabin, and food poisoning.

We currently are prosecuting a case in Maricopa Superior Court arising from the multiple fatality Cave Creek, Arizona accident of February 14, 2010 that killed all five passengers of the Eurocopter EC-135.

If you have been involved in any form of aviation incident, or if you have tragically lost a loved one, it is absolutely essential to secure expert legal representation immediately. Aviation accident law is extremely complex, and this very complexity can work as a tool against you in a time of great emotional distress. Our Los Angeles aviation accident attorneys at Kristensen LLP are dedicated to ensuring that you receive just compensation for your loss.

In fact, not only does strong legal representation work on behalf of victims and their families, but it also plays a central role in making air travel safer over time. While the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is charged with investigating the causes of all accidents, it has limited resources and is not always able to uncover every last fact and detail. Effective legal representation ensures powerful advocacy on your behalf. Our aviation accident lawyers in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles are driven to identify the real causes of every incident we investigate, and we will not rest until the responsible parties have been identified.

Responsibility for an aviation accident may take many different forms, and there may well be multiple parties who are held responsible in your case. Except in rare circumstances in which unexpected weather or natural occurrences are sole causes, aviation accidents are the result of flaws and mistakes at various stages in the process. Our aviation accident attorneys in Los Angeles identify and expose these flaws and mistakes in the interests of their clients and in the pursuit of higher overall standards of aviation safety. Responsibility for an accident may be determined and assigned on any of the following levels:

  • Component failure or malfunction, including design flaws, manufacturing flaws, and wear and tear
  • Pilot error
  • Human error on the part of mechanics, ground crew, air traffic controllers, even flight attendants
  • Commercial airline liability
  • Owner/operators of small planes

Beyond the determination of causation and responsibility, there are distinctive factors and considerations that come into play based on the specific nature of your case. Our Los Angeles aviation accident lawyers at Kristensen LLP work with clients who have experienced a wide range of aviation incidents. These include:

  • Commercial
  • General aviation
  • Corporate aircraft
  • Air ambulance
  • Helicopter crash
  • Military crash
  • Aircraft defect
  • Mid-air collision

Regardless of the type of case in which you are involved, it is essential to secure expert legal representation immediately. Opposing forces will seek to move quickly against you, and they will do so in your time of greatest emotional need and vulnerability.

If you are involved in a commercial airline incident, for example, insurance representatives will likely contact you on behalf of the airline, seek a statement from you, and perhaps even ask you to sign documents. Under no circumstances should you offer a statement and/or sign any documents without strong legal representation. If you are involved in an incident during international travel, you may be told that your claim is limited by the local laws and jurisdictions of the foreign location in which the accident occurred. Don’t believe it. You’ve got options. With strong, effective legal representation you can get what you deserve.

In a small plane crash, by contrast, you may be informed that the insurance policies of responsible parties are limited, and therefore, so too is your compensation. Whereas large airlines and manufacturers are required by law to carry ample insurance, small plane owners and operators are only required to carry $100,000 policies. Do not be fooled. This does not mean that you should not and cannot pursue greater damages from additional sources. Your suffering and loss is not capped or determined by any insurance policy. It is determined only by the extent of your damages, the compensation level that you rightfully deserve, and the strength and skill of your legal representation in attaining it for you.

As aviation accident lawyers in Los Angeles, all of our work is conducted on a contingency basis. We receive no fees unless and until you gain a settlement or court ruling in your favor. If you have been involved in any form of aviation accident, large or small, we encourage you to contact us immediately at Kristensen LLP or at 310-984-1297 for a free consultation. Together we can review the facts of your case and explore whether our firm is the right fit for you.