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Protecting consumers in cases involving robo calls, automobile recalls, banking and more.


Sexual harassment, Title IX and more.

Experienced Attorneys For Consumer Class Actions

Kristensen, LLP, is currently accepting a broad range of consumer class actions suits from clients in Los Angeles, throughout California and across the United States.

Regardless of the specific nature of your case, class action is a unique area of law that requires specialized expertise. Our class action lawyers in Los Angeles have intricate knowledge of the processes and strategies that must be applied to successfully mount a class action case.

The Advantages Of Class Action Litigation

Class action law addresses cases in which multiple individuals sharing a common interest are brought together to sue or be sued as a group. In the proper circumstances, class action offers a number of advantages not just to litigants but to the legal system and to society itself.

From the litigant perspective, class action offers an ideal remedy for cases in which it may be impractical to sue individually, but a legitimate grievance exists nonetheless. Suppose you found out that a company you did business with had overcharged you $5 a month over a three-year period. You might feel violated and angry and ask for your money back, but you might also find that the company feels no compulsion to accommodate you. You’re just one person after all. What are you going to do? Sue them?

But let’s say that this same company was systematically overcharging tens of thousands of customers in precisely the same way they were overcharging you. Unifying all of these customers and filing a class action suit would enable each individual to gain representation and a chance for justice that they would otherwise lack.

Class action also offers an equitable means for delivering compensation, as opposed to the imbalanced first-come-first-serve approach that would ensue if separate suits were filed individually.

This ability to unify large numbers of individual claims under a single case holds great benefits for the legal system as well. At a time when courts are overburdened and understaffed, it would be absurdly inefficient to conduct thousands of separate cases addressing essentially the same claim. Our courts are sufficiently log jammed as it is. Class action provides much needed consolidation.

Most importantly, class action empowers individuals, offering an antidote to the arrogance and intransigence of offending corporations. These companies often operate on the assumption that they can bully and intimidate the single customer. But there is power in numbers. They can’t bully our team of Los Angeles class action lawyers, and they can’t ignore the collective clout of tens of thousands aggrieved customers seeking justice.

Companies who violate the trust of their customers and endanger the public through negligence and/or malfeasance must be confronted. Class action presents an opportunity for the type of large-scale settlements that can have a real deterrent effect, making companies think twice before marketing defective products and, in some extreme cases, putting them out of business altogether.

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