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Police misconduct, police brutality, excessive force, false arrest, foster care abuse and more.


Discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation and more.

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Protecting consumers in cases involving robo calls, automobile recalls, banking and more.


Sexual harassment, Title IX and more.

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Our firm prides ourselves on upholding principles of justice and respect - even when those who are meant to do so fail those they’re meant to serve and protect.

As citizens of any state and country, we place a great deal of trust in our governing bodies to keep us safe and protect the interests of our community. The legal system is supposed to operate in our best interests, but the reality is there are many gaps and failings that create victims where none should be. We handle a variety of cases including:


Crimes suffered at the hands of police officers can be especially violating, and can break the profound trust we place in them to uphold the law and keep us safe. Nobody should feel without options after being victimized at the hands of authority, especially if the experience involved force or violence.


Children in the foster care system are among our most vulnerable members of society that need our protection the very most. In addition to whatever difficulties they’ve already encountered, it’s not uncommon for them to suffer more abuse in homes that are as bad or worse, or be shifted from place to place at the hands of careless caseworkers.


Personal identity is wrongfully a common source of contention, and as times change so too do the judgment of others. One of the most outwardly-facing facets of our identities is our genders, and although everyone should be able to exist in peace regardless of their gender – some do not allow this to be the case. Any person, of any gender or identity, should feel safe simply being themself.


As a country, it feels as if we have made great strides in ethnic- and race-related conflict. As individuals, this progress is not fairly felt by everyone. Many people - too many people - suffer at the hands of others simply because of their ethnicity or race. Prejudice is insidious, and anyone who was harmed as the result of it deserves to feel safe and to see justice served.


Although we should feel fortunate to live in a country where political discussion is welcome, it is no secret that our charged political state is often used to justify heinous acts against others. Regardless of one’s political beliefs, everyone should feel safe, and this is currently not the case. It is imperative that we work to protect our right to free speech by seeing justice served to those who escalate to violence and hatred extending far beyond what is guarded by legal personal protections.


Everyone lives different experiences, and not everyone is born or goes through life without encountering the challenges of a physical or mental disability. Although these are often overcome by the individual, prejudices often threaten those who need support the most. Any person with any disability who encounters any injustice at the hands of another deserves to know they are supported so they can focus on the things in life that matter most to them.


Religion is one of the most intimate and personally significant aspects of life to a great many individuals. Unfortunately, that same aspect of joy and fulfillment is also used to justify criminal acts based on intolerance and hatred. Everyone deserves to feel safe without fearing for their beliefs, which is why we believe in delivering justice to those who threaten that sense of safety.


Personal privacy is one of our most sacred rights as individuals, and there is little more difficult than when our privacy is violated and we are left vulnerable. We seek to provide justice to begin restoring that sense of safety that is lost when privacy is violated, especially by those in positions of power.